September 2011


The last 5 before number 48… the Northeast

I can’t believe it, I’ve covered a lot of territory and done no justice to any of the places I’ve been. Seriously.

But to round out the last five states before I get to Rhode Island, which will be number 48, here I go again.

Starting with Maine: I visited Maine with my Father. He went to college in Maine and so I got to visit his college as well as driving up the coast. Our ultimate destination on that trip was Prince Edward Island, but that’s another country, so I’ll leave it for now. We stopped along the coast, going to Acadia National Park, which I remember as being incredibly beautiful.

Funny enough, as I think about it, New Hampshire falls into the same category as Idaho and Oklahoma: I don’t have any memories of anything specific in it. I know I’ve been there as it is impossible to get from Vermont to Maine by car without crossing it. I suppose if I had an atlas there would be some Interstate-related memories triggered.

Vermont, on the other hand, I have a lot of memories of – including eating pizza in Burlington and going to a living history museum just south of Burlington. Vermont was where we always went to buy Maple Sugar Candy – something I adore, but, thankfully, do not have ready access to.

Just south is Massachusetts, the only state whose name I cannot easily spell. I’ve not spent a lot of time in it – in fact, I’ve only been in the western edge. My Dad and I had been in Connecticut and on our way back to upstate New York, we drove north into Massachusetts and then took the Turnpike west, back into New York. Not exactly an extensive memory.

Meanwhile Connecticut is home to one of my Father’s childhood friends. We spent a night visiting – and were advised to not go to Hartford because it was dangerous. We were given this advice on the basis of (1) the HIV infection rates, and (2) what The New York Times reported about Hartford. The man advising us? He lived in the area but didn’t read the local newspapers.

Just east of Connecticut is Rhode Island…

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