September 2011


Confession Time: I’m losing interest in voting in American elections.

I know it’s 14 months out, and I do want Obama to be reelected, but… given that I vote in Indiana and I can only vote for federal offices, what’s the point?

6 comments to Confession Time: I’m losing interest in voting in American elections.

  • As a Massachusetts voter, I totally understand.

  • As an Arizona voter, me too.

  • Prashanth

    may be this is the “change” that Obama promised 😛

  • I’m losing interest in the United States. The constitution says “We the People…” but lately it’s more like “We the corporations…”

    With the conservative party doing everything they can to turn the country into a Christian version of Iran, I feel that come retirement time (or sooner) I shall be moving across the Atlantic and taking advantage of my EU citizenship. I’ll probably start spending more time in Europe soon if for no other reason than to start getting more familiar with places I may wish to live.

  • At least you have the option to vote somewhere. I won’t become a German, so voting’s out here, and I can’t vote in Canada because I don’t live there, though I pay taxes in both places. You should vote, Adam. Just because.

  • CN Heidelberg, Scott — it’s hard to work up enthusiasm when the outcome is pretty much a foregone conclusion.

    Prashanth – Perhaps.

    Cynical Queer — I’m not losing interest in the US, I’m entangled in it — I just am not as excited about voting when I know Michele Bachmann will win Indiana.

    ian in hamburg – depending on how difficult it is to vote, I’ll probably do it. But I’m skipping the primaries!