October 2011


Munich Cowboys: Playing with the what again?!

This advertising campaign wouldn’t fly in the United States, but this advertisement is for the Munich Cowboys, an American Football team, and it’s made me want to go to an American football game.

Munich Cowboys / via Cowboy Altitude

7 comments to Munich Cowboys: Playing with the what again?!

  • J

    Oh. My. God!

    That’s all I can say.

  • MT

    Somehow I don’t think that would have the same effect if a woman’s soccer team started grabbing its crotch.

  • @MT. Define “grab”.

    @TQE Their Wikipedia page makes heartbreaking reading. In spite of having played more games in the German Football League than any other team, they only won the pennant once. FC Bayern München, which rules this town with an iron fist, diversified into basketball and STOLE the Cowboys’ cheerleading squad in 2009. Attendance in 2010 dropped 30%! Which explained the need for an ad. Somehow, I don’t think it will recapture the audience.

  • Gee, I’m jealous… for reasons you and MT know about.

  • Hilarious ad, Adam. I was kind of expecting it to suddenly burst forth with a screaming array of hard-hitting bone-crunching football, with some guys on the sidelines in the background worrying their jock-itch.

  • J – Surely you could say more!

    MT – Hmmm… I’m too gay to know.

    The Honourable Husband – That’s incredible! Stealing the cheerleading squad? How does that happen? The circumstances make me hate FC Bayern München even more than I already do(n’t).

    Cynical Queer – 🙂

    ian in hamburg – It could have gone so many ways. The last shot is what sold me!

  • Yeah, the titty ribbons were beyond you too! P.S. — That gave The Coach a good chuckle, let me tell you.