October 2011


… and so begins two weeks of fun.

Starting Friday I have a ton of cool stuff going on!

Well, it starts with the dentist.

Then I’m off to WEBUM 2012 – in Köln – and this trip will knock my current tenth place airline down a notch. Am happy about that since the current tenth place airline is RyanAir. And I won’t be flying them again…

Köln promises to be excellent – lots of cool people. A couple of sad departures. No more 50% of my DNA. Probably the person who we’ll miss the most is J (now of On the Way), especially during the TQEQE Saturday night – That Queer Expatriate’s Queer Expedition.

Since I’m not really sure how the stairs work at the Köln Dom, I’ve opted for the walking tour of Köln. (I cannot climb exposed stairs without freezing. So rather than freeze in front of 20 expats, I’ve decided the tour on the ground is probably more my pace).

I return to the Hauptstadt Sunday afternoon – and Monday morning I welcome a friend from America. She’s spending two weeks with me – well, two weeks, minus a jaunt to Bavaria. But before she heads to Bavaria, we’re going to have a bang-up Saturday: First a tour of Berlin as if we were Blind, followed by what promises to be the party-of-the-year – a Halloween party hosted by one of my colleagues.

Thanks to an issue with space, I’ve opted to not bring my laptop with me to Köln – which means that serious blogging about #WEBUM will have to wait until after I get back.

C’est la vie.

9 comments to … and so begins two weeks of fun.

  • Jen

    Whoaaaaa there… 2012 is a ways off, don’t you think? Or are we redoing the WEBMU in Cologne next year? ;-D

  • Woo! Very psyched for all the moist stuff ahead this weekend!

  • I’ve had one of those tours, though it was after a lot of drinking…

  • koko

    Ohh, you’re having a GIRL OVER!!! OOOOOHHHHH!

  • Prashanth

    ..and, is there anything else you want to share so that we sulk at the boredom of our coming two weeks ????..not fair Adam..not fair..Dr. Evil is watching all this!!!

    ..and now for something entirely different: when are you doing to have your flickr meetup?

  • CN Heidelberg – I had a great weekend. I hope you did as well!

    ian in hamburg – ha! These tours are going to be sober…

    koko – girl? What….

    Prashanth – Ah, but I still have to go to work even with all the excitement. As for Flickr meetup? ha… I’d rather have you and other people over. We should look at a calendar.

  • J

    Thanks, Adam, you know how much the Meet-Up means to me, but luckily I could live it through the Tweets that you guys made.