October 2011


Locks of Love

Köln Locks of Love
Köln Locks of Love

Köln Locks of Love

Köln Locks of Love

Köln Locks of Love

Köln Locks of Love

Hohenzollern Bridge

12 comments to Locks of Love

  • Nice. Just really nice. Especially getting the smoochers in the first shot and the depth of field on a couple of those. Well done!

  • Brigitte and Stephan put their lock on the wall 4 days before I came to visit you in Weimar.

  • Excellent photos. Agree with Cliff on the kissers in the first photo. Certainly captured the moment.

  • Prashanth

    ah so! so, that’s what it is!…I was going through Koeln in a train and I was wondering why would anyone put hundreds of locks! Quite creative! I wouldn’t do it personally (blame my weird view on Love) but I am sure those who do, find a meaning for their love in metal 😛

  • Que pasa? Pics are fantastic, but where/when/why?!

  • C

    @Irish Berliner: Here’s the scoop. http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,4008316,00.html

    Too bad I wasn’t there with you, Adam — could’ve pointed out the ueber-awesome love lock “Mike + Beer 4eva”

  • Michele J

    I had a hunch you might photograph this. Nice! I think it works well in Köln but they’ve started doing this in the historic district of [MyTown] now. Probably my heart has shrivelled up as small as the Grinch’s because gawd it annoys me here.

  • cliff1976 – Thanks! I really appreciate your comments a ton.

    Cynical Queer – Why do you think I picked that lock… oh wait…

    tehnyit – Thanks!

    Prashanth – Some how it is simultaneously cheesy and sweet!

    Irish Berliner – Köln, this past weekend during the WEBMU, because I have a sentimental streak in me, even though I’m happily single.

    C – Cynicism in a lock, how sweeeeet!

    Michele J – I would probably get annoyed if it was in Berlin and I had to see it daily. But I’m not, so I can be sentimental…

  • I looove #5…as you might have already seen when I favorited it on Flickr. 🙂

    • I noticed — and I’m glad you liked it. It seemed very disco-ball like, which attracted my attention. Shiny things do that, although I’m an amateur at disco ball finding compared to at least one girl I know…