October 2011


Correspondence with the Köln Bonn Airport after #WEBMU

From TQE to the Cologne Bonn Airport:

Warum Wasser kostet 3,15 € nach Sicherheit? Das ist viel teurer als in Souvenirläden in Köln.

Why does Water cost 3.15 € after security? That’s a lot more expensive than in souvenir shops in Cologne.

Response from the airport:

vielen Dank für Ihre E-Mail. Ihre Verärgerung über hohe Preise für Wasser kann ich gut nachvollziehen. Ich habe Ihre Beschwerde an die zuständige Abteilung intern weitergeleitet, vielleicht können die Kollegen bei den Konzessionären auf eine Reduzierung hinwirken.

Es tut mir leid, dass ich Ihnen zunächst keine andere Antwort schicken kann.

Ich hoffe sehr, dass wir Sie auch künftig wieder am Köln Bonn Airport begrüßen dürfen.

Freundliche Grüße nach Berlin
Susanne Hentschel

Thank you for your e-mail. Their anger over high prices for water, I can well understand. I have forwarded your complaint to the relevant department internally, perhaps, the colleagues from the concessionaires to work towards a reduction.

I’m sorry that I can first send you any other answer.

I very much hope that we can continue to welcome you again at Cologne Bonn Airport.

Friendly greetings to Berlin

Translation with Google, so my German’s bad, and the response’s English is bad.

6 comments to Correspondence with the Köln Bonn Airport after #WEBMU

  • Wow, that’s a very nice email from Frau Hentschel who is clearly getting ripped off for water too. I’d say she’s a tad optimistic if she thinks her Kollegen in the Konzessionären will really give you a discount though. Still, worth a shot!

    • Honestly, I think the security rules are stupid, but I will comply with them — what I object to is the wholesale hold-up of the post-security water pricing. A lot of airports in the US have street-pricing rules (or close to street-pricing limits). These rules should be imposed here.

      • It’s just another example of someone screwing a captive market because they can. Next time, bring an empty bottle with you, and then fill it up with drinking water on the other side of security. Berlin’s tap water’s fine. I don’t know what it’s like in Köln.

  • prashanth

    hehe..that response is short for “bla bla…you are the next..complain complain. All goes to straight to the black hole. Until then we hope you still buy our water 😛 ”

    If someone did the same on phone, they would have ended up paying 18 cents per minute 🙂

    • Why do you think I wrote via email 🙂

      I know I will have no effect, but I just wanted to register my complaint! AirBerlin doesn’t charge for water on its flights. Nor beer, if on a domestic flight.