November 2011


AIDS/HIV Candlelight Memorial – Missed

When I first heard about Wednesday evening’s candlelight memorial to help remember World AIDS Day (USA), I thought I couldn’t make it. And then I thought I could. And then, yesterday, I thought, oh dear – I probably cannot make it.

And, ultimately, thanks to two meetings at work today, I didn’t get home from […]

Three weeks from today… my next houseguests arrive.

One of the great things about Berlin versus Weimar is that it is a whole lot easier to convince people to visit me here in Berlin than it ever was in Weimar.

In three weeks, my next guests arrive, joining me for Christmas and New Year’s – we even, already, have a plan for New […]

He’s keeping me warm at night!

I bought this little fellow sometime last winter and he goes to bed with me when it’s cold out – he keeps me warm.

Basically I toss him in the microwave for about 5 minutes and he stays warm for a couple hours, under the covers, with me. When fresh out of […]

Figuring out Cheltenham Spa’s Public Transit requires too much patience.

Next week I am going on a brief vacation.

I’ll be flying to London, where I plan on spending a few hours perusing the Tate Modern before heading over to my favorite English city, Cheltenham Spa. Once there, I’ll be visiting friends and otherwise enjoying what the city has to offer.

Unfortunately, like all good […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

A few years ago in Denver.

My family's turkey, ready for eating (a few years ago).

This is not a picture of turkey, but it is a meal I ate in Turkey.


Thanks for stopping the kissing

Dear Principal Bell,

I just heard the fantastic news that a teacher at your school called the police after witnessing two 12 year olds kiss on the playground.

I think this is fantastic! Nothing like embarrassing two children by calling the cops. It’s unfortunate that the cops didn’t arrest the kids and toss them in […]

Email from a “professional” translating firm…

View from Yerevan

Over the weekend I received a request from a professional translation agency to use one of my photos out of my Flickr stream on their new website.

Unfortunately my initial thought was that the professional translating firm should work on improving their English before they work on their website. I wouldn’t […]

I’m not handy with tools, and my bathroom door is… special.

While Koko was visiting, we had dinner with Snooker in Berlin (and her plus one), when I mentioned that I needed to have my bathroom door fixed.

“The hinge seems to be coming out of the wall, and consequently the bottom of the door keeps rubbing and sticking at the bottom,” I said. “I need […]

What’s worse: Allowing Neo-Nazis to murder 10 people or Joe Paterno letting a coach rape kids?

Honestly, I cannot answer my own question, but it is something that I’ve been pondering of late.

The details of both are disturbing – and I’ve been inundated with details about one from the German half of my life and details about the other from the American half of my life.

The Neo-Nazi story actually […]


Am not sure what to make of this.