November 2011


He’s keeping me warm at night!

Bitten Warmer

I bought this little fellow sometime last winter and he goes to bed with me when it’s cold out – he keeps me warm.

Basically I toss him in the microwave for about 5 minutes and he stays warm for a couple hours, under the covers, with me. When fresh out of the microwave he’s moist and smells a bit like oatmeal.

I’d highly recommend picking one up, but all I know is that he’s “Bitten” – a brand.

I had no real luck finding him on the web – I found a store in the US that carries a close cousin, but I’m 99% certain I didn’t buy him in the US and bring him back here – he’s fairly heavy and I tend not to buy small dense objects like this in the US that I bring back to Germany.

I wish I could remember more.

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  • MT

    I think you bought that last March when I was visiting. When we went to, uhhhh, see the Stasi Museum, perhaps?

  • I have a similar thing, a lavender-scented fluffy pink pig that you microwave. I always feel bad sticking him in the microwave, but it is lovely to have him warming one side of me and my cat the other! (I don’t put her in the microwave, of course!) Mine’s an Intex branded product and made and bought in the UK.

    My girlfriend bought it for me and says she chose a pig since I’m a pig in the Chinese horoscope. She swears it’s nothing to do with my eating habits…

  • MT – I couldn’t remember when I bought it, although I was pretty sure it was late last winter. Thanks for giving me a better clue of when, although I still don’t remember where.

    Emily – LOL – you have a very sweet girlfriend.

    MM – Thanks!

  • MT

    Maybe Leipzig? There was a store of random shit that we stopped by. It kind of reminded me of a German Pottery Barn.

    • Ah… OK. It has come flooding back to me. We went to the Leipzig branch of Strauss — which is where I found it. Thanks for jogging my memory!

  • real partner

    no way is that thing American… definitely looks all europe-y to me.

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