December 2011


Some Random Thoughts About Cheltenham

The last time I was in Cheltenham was, I believe, December 2008 – and it was a dismal time. Businesses were going out of business and High Street was depressing. From my perspective, at the time, Britain seemed less outrageously expensive than normal and I ended up buying a lot of stuff.

This time British prices were still high, but Cheltenham seemed more alive to me – the city seems, at least to me, to have a turned a corner. It struck me as, and I frame it this way intentionally, as not depressed.

Meanwhile in Cheltenham I stopped by Nandos for dinner. It was my second time going to Nando’s. Actually, come to think of it, it might have been my third time – I suspect that I went to Nando’s in Jo’burg with the Cynical Queer.

My decision to dine at Nando’s was driven by the commercial I saw on YouTube–albeit the South African branch:

Honestly, the food is good, but the service is terrible. Actually, the service will prevent me from ever going to Nando’s again – if given the opportunity. After coming in the door, they show you to a table and give you a menu. You’d think that a waiter would come, but no: you have to stand up and walk to the front counter where you order and pay for your meal.

And I didn’t know my table number.

Since I was carrying around my expensive camera, I was worried about this. I really didn’t want to carry my camera around as I was filling my drink glass and grabbing the sauce to pour over my chicken.

If Nando’s had actual table service with waiters taking my order and delivering my drinks, I’d return.

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