December 2011


Happy to report that I survived!

Some how I survived the week that was – albeit, barely.

And, I must confess, that I missed the birthday party.

By Friday afternoon, I was plum exhausted and made my way to find the birthday colleague, to whom I simultaneously congratulated and gave my regrets.

Since Friday was a gym day, I force myself to go, and I must confess that I was entirely in the wrong mood the entire time – so I really didn’t do much extra, and, thankfully, it was a cardio day, so I could spend my 45 minutes spinning grumbling to myself about how tired I was and how I wanted to be in bed. Then I moved over to the elliptical-like machine and spent 30 minutes counting down to when I could go take a shower and then go home.

The only extra thing I did after the gym was to pop by the drug store where I had to pick up a large number of things – I thought about putting it off, but since I have guests arriving Monday, I really couldn’t.

At home I, for the first time since moving to Berlin, resorted to a can of soup for dinner.

I was in bed, with the lights out, no joke, by 7:30.

That’s the earliest I’ve gone to bed in eons.

Admittedly I woke up 3 hours later feeling much better, and then spent two hours talking to people in America before returning to bed for a very long slumber.

I really needed my sleep.

The thing is that at base, I’m an introvert and, as such, I need time alone. Social events really drain me of energy. Honestly, individually each of the events this week would have been fine, but collectively by Friday afternoon I was left wanting to not speak with another member of the human race for, oh, awhile.

Although I did go out to buy groceries today, I basically accomplished my goal of not speaking to other members of the human race. Other than asking for things at the Winterfeldplatz Markt, a weekly where one can buy fresh veggies, meat, flowers, and other assorted things.

Tomorrow will be similar, with a trip to the gym, ear buds firmly in place to discourage people from talking to me.

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