January 2012


Warning from my gym’s dominatrix!

Yes, I will realize my good New Year’s resolutions.

Or, and this is my interpretation, the dominatrix will use her whip on me.

Marlboro marketers must not know what “>” means…

As most of you know, I’m not a huge fan of smoking for a myriad of reasons, but I have to confess that the geniuses behind Marlboro cigarette advertising campaign have caught my attention.

In fact, by some measure, their campaign must be a success because I’ve had several conversations about it.

The first wave […]

Saturday in the City

One way that I have adapted to life in Berlin is that I’m much more likely to go shopping at street markets than I was in Weimar – principally because there was only one in Weimar and, well, it never really entered my shopping patterns to go there.

Here in Berlin, I wouldn’t call myself […]

Present Failures: The Baseball Glove.

Yesterday, while killing some time, I picked up and started to read Mikey Walsh’s Gypsy Boy, an autobiographical tale of his upbringing as a Romany Gypsy in the United Kingdom.

He reflects back upon one of his Christmas presents – the ones when he received, as a four year old, a battery operated quad bike […]

Do you remember a trippy movie about a boy, a witch and pancakes?

I do – it is a film I associate with wintertime, when, after eating lunch, it was too cold and/or snowing to go out on the playground.

On such days, instead of being pushed outside, and out of our teacher’s hair, we were herded into the school gym, where a screen would be set up […]

It’s 182 miles, 3 hours and 20 minutes from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Bloomington.

I know this distance because I just looked it up and because I paid for a FedEx 2Day Envelope that weighed 0.5 lbs (0.2 kilo) to travel this distance.

Naturally I didn’t know that the envelope was going to come from Fort Wayne – but the envelope holds a ticket for me to see a […]

I cannot stop reading the train wrecks.

I have a confession to make: I find myself unable to stop reading three blogs.

Two of the three blogs are written by American expatriates living in Europe. I won’t specify these two, other than to say that one is somebody who appears to hate everything about where they live. Oh wait, that describes both […]

At the risk of sounding somewhat… boring, I have totally lost track of time.

Some how it is Tuesday, almost 9pm, and I am sitting on my couch, feet splayed out on the ottoman, and thinking about bed.

It’s been, on many levels, an extraordinarily good couple of days – starting with gym crap: I keep going. There are times that I question my sanity, like over the weekend […]

Budget Car Rental gave me 10% Off! … Not!

After renting my cars last September with Budget, I was happy with the service, and so when Budget Deutschland sent me a survey, I replied that I was quite happy with the service and that I would use them again – and, for participating in the survey, Budget sent me an e-coupon worth 10% off […]

I forgot to tell Pret A Diner that I also blog.

Earlier this week I learned that Pret A Diner, a pop-up restaurant, would be opening at the end of the week. As a subscriber to a newsletter, I was invited to join opening night, or, using the same special email address, priority access to reservations over the rest of their six week run.

After agreeing […]