January 2012


At the risk of sounding somewhat… boring, I have totally lost track of time.

Some how it is Tuesday, almost 9pm, and I am sitting on my couch, feet splayed out on the ottoman, and thinking about bed.

It’s been, on many levels, an extraordinarily good couple of days – starting with gym crap: I keep going. There are times that I question my sanity, like over the weekend when I went both Saturday and Sunday – and then there are mornings, like this morning, when I realize that somehow I can wear my belt on its tightest notch and it’s not even uncomfortable!

How the hell did that happen?

Honestly, I have not lost any weight over the last year, just, apparently, a couple of inches.

It makes the annoyance of going to the gym, the boredom spent doing the elliptical machine, the pain of the shoulder press all just go away. And I can take more pride of the fact that it wasn’t that long ago that the prospect of 35 minutes on the stationary bicycle seem like an eternity – and the fact is that last Thursday I did it for 80 minutes.

At the same time, work is going pretty well – I am keeping pace with what comes to me, and even taking some initiatives that should, in the long run, help the people I work with become even better at what they do.

In that sense I couldn’t be happier.

I just hope it stays that way.

2 comments to At the risk of sounding somewhat… boring, I have totally lost track of time.

  • I am so impressed with your dedication to the gym. Could running a marathon be in your future?

    • Thanks! At least two things have to happen: (1) I have to get in shape first, which is not an easy thing, but progress is happening, and (2) I have to be interested in running. Which I am not. I cannot motivate myself to run unless I’m on a treadmill and have music going. I actually couldn’t do spinning for very long if I didn’t have music with a strong beat going directly into my head….

      That said, I did do 90 minutes of spinning today. The bicycle claims that I went over 30 km.