January 2012


It’s 182 miles, 3 hours and 20 minutes from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Bloomington.

I know this distance because I just looked it up and because I paid for a FedEx 2Day Envelope that weighed 0.5 lbs (0.2 kilo) to travel this distance.

Naturally I didn’t know that the envelope was going to come from Fort Wayne – but the envelope holds a ticket for me to see a musical in New York City next month, a ticket that I purchased through StubHub.

I had the ticket shipped to my address in Bloomington because I (a) was using my American credit card with an American billing address; and (b) I didn’t see the need to pay for international shipping since I will be passing through Bloomington on my way to The City.

What fascinated me, though, was the route that the package took.

Apparently, since it was a 2Day Envelope, FedEx wanted to make sure it spent two nights in transit and didn’t some how arrive a day before it was promised to arrive, so the package went from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Indianapolis, which is, I happen to know, a FedEx sorting hub.

If you’d asked me what FedEx was going to do, I would have said, “They’re just going to put it in a warehouse for an extra night.”

How wrong I would have been.

Read my package’s actual itinerary, from the bottom up.

FedEx Tracking Results for my package show that it goes from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Indianapolis, Indiana, then to Memphis, where it then goes back to Indianapolis, then to Bloomington, Indiana.I guess there’s a reason that I’m not in logistics.

4 comments to It’s 182 miles, 3 hours and 20 minutes from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Bloomington.

  • When I ordered my GPS system, it went from the middle of the country (Oklahoma, I think) to Los Angeles, then turned around and went all the way to North Carolina, where I was living at the time.

    Not sure what was up with that.

    Perhaps your tickets needed to visit Graceland or something?

  • Mateo

    Nothing can ever be as simple as it should be. I could have told you the time and distance, though, as I have to drive that to visit my family. 🙂

  • Cynical Queer – Who knows– FedEx must have a method to its madness — but it seems strange to me. It’d be interesting to hear the logic behind what happened.

    MT – no doubt!

    Mateo – Naturally – but I wasn’t going to call you to ask you this question…