January 2012


Do you remember a trippy movie about a boy, a witch and pancakes?

I do – it is a film I associate with wintertime, when, after eating lunch, it was too cold and/or snowing to go out on the playground.

On such days, instead of being pushed outside, and out of our teacher’s hair, we were herded into the school gym, where a screen would be set up and movies played.

One of these movies, as I vaguely recalled featured a boy and a witch living in a big house and, errr… pancakes.

Completely illogical, I know, so I dismissed it as one of those strange things at the back of my mind that I couldn’t ever explain.

However, it turns out that such a movie actually exists: Winter of the Witch

I might note that I am not the only one with fleeting memories of this odd film. Last spring, The New York Times did a piece on the film, and when I read, “Something About a Witch“, I felt like it was quoting me and my memories.

3 comments to Do you remember a trippy movie about a boy, a witch and pancakes?

  • If you tried showing this now, the soccer moms would have their panties in a twist about the name thinking you were trying to brainwash their little snowflakes into becoming a member of the occult.

  • MT

    I never even heard of this movie. Hmmm …

  • Cynical Queer – Actually that struck me as well. There are any number of themes in this movie that would cause consternation today. What I wonder is how, in the drug-paranoid 1980s, it managed to pass muster with, what seems clear to me, such strong drug metaphors. I seem to recall endless drug abuse resistance education (i dare you to forget it!) during my elementary school years.

    MT – it must have been particular to some school districts.