February 2012


18:00 CET: Waking from a nap.

Thanks to the aforementioned late arrival of my flight from Newark to Berlin, I didn’t get enough sleep yesterday during the day, so despite sleeping a solid 8 hours last night, this afternoon I realized I was fading.

So I took a nap.

I actually set my alarm for just before 6 so that I […]

18:00 CET: At home, admiring my Hasa Diga Eebowai T-Shirt and the frog that will change my life.

I’m happy to report that I am at home – my flight arrived back in Berlin some 3 hours late, due, at first, to the fact that a plane landed on one of the Newark runways with its nose-gear up – which ended up closing the airport for awhile, and then, secondly, due to a […]

18:00 CET – at the US Post Office in Greenwich Village

Today is my last day in the States – if all goes well, in a mere 5 hours, I will be somewhere over New England on my way back to Germany.

At noon EST, 18:00 CET, we were at a US Post Office in Greenwich Village – my Sagittarius Amigo wrote seven postcards, but had […]

18:00 CET / Noon in NYC and I was at the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ

This photo turned out to be slightly more problematic than I expected, to be honest – Sunday morning my Sagittarius Amigo and I took the Harlem Gospel Walking Tour from Harlem Heritage Tours.

After an interesting hour long introductory talk at the offices of the company, we walked over to the Canaan Baptist Church of […]

18:00 CET is the perfect time for Peking Duck – Lunch in New York

The duck led a happy life and, therefore, made me happy at lunch.

At noon Saturday I found myself in the heart of New York City’s China Town eating Peking Duck at Peking Duck House.

Tour Guide Bert

It was a part of the Chinatown Food and Culture Walking Tour offered by Foods […]

18:00 CET: Noon in New York and I’m at the Strand.

This morning my Sagittarius Amigo and I met for breakfast at 7. He’s suffering from jetlag and, having had woken up at 03:30, informed me that USA Today was a terrible newspaper.

After breakfast we left the hotel and over the next several hours we first took the Staten Island Ferry to and from Staten […]

Missing Dad-E

A year ago today my Father died: February 24, 2011.

It is somewhat fitting that I will be spending the 24th in New York City – my Father’s home town, where he was born, raised, and spent much of his 20s before moving to Denver.

For those of you who know New York City, he […]

18:00 CET is 11 o’clock and Chicago is my new Detroit

After a self-mandated isolation period where I did nothing but relax (as I’ve hinted at, there’s been a lot of stress on this trip, but the stress magically melted away Wednesday morning and I started feeling a whole lot better).

Now I am in New York City.

Because of my divorce from Delta, I have […]

18:00 CET – At the bank in Bloomington, and I almost forgot.

I spent a total of 29 hours in Bloomington – 29 action-packed hours, I might note, that included a lot of stops, including four trips to my principal bank in the United States, the Indiana University Credit Union.

All four of my trips to the bank were necessary – but I won’t […]

18:00 CET: I was at Chili’s… and luck was with me in Bloomington!

Wow – It’s been a very busy Tuesday. I had a total of ten specific tasks that I needed (or wanted) to do in Bloomington – an incredible range of activities – some fast, some not. Some never happened – and were replaced with alternative activities.

Honestly, I’ve never done so much in so little […]