February 2012


18:00 CET: On the Vario

As I sort of expected, I was at the gym at 18:00 CET today – I’d already lifted all the weights and so I was on to my cardio for the day, the Vario machine.

18:00 CET time came at roughly 45 minutes into my 50 minutes of cardio – I sort of had to pause, as you can see, to snap the photo – and I used my iPhone to take the photo.

My Vario Stats

The top line shows my heart rate, and the longer that I’ve been using the Vario, the harder it is for me to keep my heart rate between 115 and 130, which is what my trainer tells me is the optimal range.

The bottom block of information tells me what intensity my workout is going – yellow (hard to tell) indicates “Power Watts” – or what I think of as resistance. The blue line tells you my “speed” – the rate at which my feet go. It’s pretty clear when my music hit slow spots – that drop near the middle of the screen was a pretty slow moving Coldplay song – it’s going to be removed from the rotation pretty quickly.

For those of you curious as to what the Vario looks like, I took a picture of the machines before I got on (and when none of the ones in this set of three were being used) – I was on the one in the middle of this photo.

Excite Vario at my gym

Below the fold is a video… if you are curious what the motion looks like.

3 comments to 18:00 CET: On the Vario

  • I can recommend 70’s era Ramones for working out. Then again, my target pulse is around 140. 🙂

  • Prashanth

    man! I don’t know…I feel quite awkward looking at those charts. Why are we so “performance” oriented and then a machine has to hold the whip for us? Why can’t be displays be like
    “good…keep going”
    “that’s nice..your body is liking it”
    “yes…a bit more…”

    rather than some dull charts reminding of stock markets.

    (no..I don’t mean anything else here 😛 )

  • Scott – I hit 140 when I get really going on the spin machine.

    Prashanth – I actually like having all the stats in front of me — it motivates me to do more.

    With respect to a comment that I deleted – Sorry, but your comment was spam and I’m not interested.