February 2012


18:00 CET: Birthday Tuna Fish Bagel Finished

Today is my birthday – information I have purposely blocked from being public on Facebook, which resulted in me getting only (so far) one birthday greeting there.

At 18:00 CET I was at Barcomi’s, a coffee, cake, and bagel shop over on Bergmannstrasse. With me were Snooker in Berlin and Sweet No, back from their American Vacation – which was quite musical.

Bagel, Finished.

What you see above is the end of my meal – my Tuna Salad Bagel was delivered at 5:40 – too early for my 18:00 CET ± 15 minutes rule. Snooker and Sweet No put a candle on my bagel, lit it, and I made a wish.

Birthday Bagel

The wish status has yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, I want to follow up on yesterday’s photo of the bookshelves – I should have known better.

After removing the stuff that had been occupying the previously empty (of books) shelf, I had to put the stuff somewhere, which, by the time the dominos stopped falling had resulted in me cleaning off another small shelf, sorting and reorganizing many of my binders.

Naturally I then had to shift over to the last bookcase – the one with the books piled in front of it, previously – and sort everything I had stored there.

By the time it was all done, I’d even filled a bag with papers to be recycled.

And it was 11 pm – 5 hours had passed.

10 comments to 18:00 CET: Birthday Tuna Fish Bagel Finished

  • Mateo

    At least your bagel had a candle, though that’s hardly a substitute for a cake. At least I had a brownie and ice cream on mine. But if you enjoyed it, that’s what really counts!

  • MT

    I’m not sure tuna would be my birthday choice, but to each his own. Glad it was a good one.

  • J

    Happy Birthday!

  • Russian Roulette Winner !

    Happy Birthday, Adam !!
    Looking forward for some oysters with you !

  • Mateo – Sometimes I need really quiet days in order to be recharged for the work week — and yesterday was perfect for me.

    MT – I needed something without sugar. I’d enjoyed a cookie too many out of the ones I baked for the office.

    J, heather in europe — Thanks for your warm wishes!

    Russian Roulette Winner — Maybe I should vacation for a weekend with you sometime soon. Just not before… uh… May?

  • You were right to keep it quiet. If a German gets wind of your birthday they’ll note it down in their little black book and then wake you up at the crack of dawn to wish you a happy birthday before anyone else does, unaware of the irony in ruining your day before it even begins. I had to turn off my phone and leave the country for my last one.

    • And god forbid giving greetings before the magic witching hour, lest it ruin the actual day….

      • Irish Berliner

        True! I’d forgotten about that. You’ve inspired me. We may have stumbled onto something big here. I think this whole subject deserves a closer examination.

  • A belated happy birthday. Enjoy your vacation.