February 2012


18:00 CET: It’s a Schöneburger for dinner

Waiting for my Schöneburger

Reading and drinking, while waiting.

I officially leave for vacation tomorrow morning – and so today, I got to work extra early, got an incredible amount done (seriously) and then left before 2. From work I went to the gym where I lifted weights, did cardio, and briefly steamed myself before heading home.

It’s sort of become a tradition that the night before I leave town, I got out to dinner – part of it is because I don’t want to leave dishes drying while I’m out of town, part of it is because I’ve eaten the fridge down and there’s nothing left to eat.

Normally I got to an Indian restaurant a few blocks from where I live, Yogi Haus – but two out of my last five trips have had distinct service failures – both times resulting in me leaving no tip, and after the most recent visit, I left with a great deal of ill-will toward the restaurant – which is a shame because they have an item on their menu that I genuinely adore.

Schöneburger with fries and coleslaw, along with my beer.

This time I went to a different place: Lenzig – it too is a few blocks from where I live – and this time I ate the Schöneburger for dinner – it’s actually a play on the name of the neighborhood, Schöneberg. The prefix “Schöne” means “beautiful”, and so we have a beautiful hill for the neighborhood, and a beautiful burger at the restaurant.

After dinner, I returned home where I immediately did a flurry of small and large things: tossed my clothes in the washing machine, zipped up my suitcase, and made sure my carry-on had everything important in it.

Only then did I sit down to blog.

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