February 2012


18:00 CET: Traveling down Colfax at 10 in the morning… on the way to Wyoming

Tuesday morning, before heading north, I went to a coffee shop in order to get caught up on my email—for while I might be on vacation, some aspects of work need somewhat regular attention.

I found myself on Colfax Avenue at 18:00 CET – a warm, sunny, Tuesday morning at 10 in Denver.

VCA Park Hill

My view of Colfax has always contrasted significantly with the popular perceptions of the same street. Ask people about Colfax and what the terms that you’ll hear will include prostitution, drug dealers, low-rent motels, the homeless, and a street that you really want to stay away from.

Close to my ‘hood is the animal hospital – I put it up here because it’s changed so much since I was a kid.

Back in 1988 there was a McDonald’s standing on this corner – and it was where one of my 8th grade classmates was struck and killed. We’d had a half-day of school that day and, apparently, a group of kids had gone to McDonald’s for lunch, then, after lunch, engaged in an activity that had tragic consequences. It is somewhat telling that, as I understand it, the driver of the vehicle was never given a ticket and never charged with any crime. And I didn’t learn about the accident until the following morning, when the newspaper was brought in: my family didn’t then (and still doesn’t today) watch television news.

The only thing that changed in the immediate aftermath of the accident was the installation of a traffic light.

A few years back the owner of the McDonald’s conceded defeat: he was never going to get a parking lot big enough to support his business because the neighbors in the area had sever NIMBY syndrome. The franchise moved a few blocks east – annoying a different set of neighbors.


Today (Wednesday), I found myself in Laramie, Wyoming, on my way to buy a ticket for tonight’s Wyoming Cowboy’s basketball game – The Pokes are hosting the Air Force Academy (the team is, coincidentally, staying at my hotel.

In many respects, the game is a trip back to the past: when the current basketball coach, Larry Shyatt, was the basketball coach for a year back when I was attending UW. I was, at the time, an asshole to him – something I regret now – but exactly how I was an asshole I will omit from here. I’m merely looking forward to cheering for my Cowboys under the dome tonight.

Arena Auditorium

It's cloudy and the roof is covered in snow. You do the math.

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  • Ah, the UW campus. A place I’ve not been since I last visited you there. The last time I set foot in Wyoming was 11-years ago.

    I need to get back for a visit. Maybe one of these days you and I can get together and do a lower-48 trip. Send me an e-mail if you want to know more. I want to do it while I’m still young enough to handle it. 😉

    • Awe… you should get out more :-p — I seem to have very weak ties to Wyoming and strong ties to Indiana… I want to change this a bit, at least strengthen the Wyoming ties a bit as I strive to Make It Better.