February 2012


18:00 CET is the perfect time for Peking Duck – Lunch in New York

Peking Duck, being sliced

The duck led a happy life and, therefore, made me happy at lunch.

At noon Saturday I found myself in the heart of New York City’s China Town eating Peking Duck at Peking Duck House.

Our Guide, Bert

Tour Guide Bert

It was a part of the Chinatown Food and Culture Walking Tour offered by Foods of New York Tours.

My Sagittarius Amigo and I had agreed to do a food tour – mainly because I’d told him how much I enjoyed my Greenwich Village food tour a few years back (with an adorable redhead) and that I would like to do another tour this time, but not the one that I’d already taken.

Roast Pork Bun

This Roast Pork Bun at Dim Sum Go Go was fantastic.

He chose the Chinatown tour, and so we started our 3-course meal at 10:30 with Dim Sum. Our tour guide was Bert – who gave us an excellent overview of everything that we ate, talking about how it was prepared and what we should look for.

Peking Duck

Peking Duck, ready to eat.

At noon we were seated at the Peking Duck House having our ducks sliced and prepared for us, with hoisin sauce, a few greens, and wrapped up. It was to die for – seriously good food. I could have eaten three of these puppies – oh wait, I did: I ate my two and then the second one that my Sagittarius Amigo didn’t want to eat.

Peking Duck, being sliced

Peking Duck, being sliced

Watching the chef work at cutting up the freshly prepared duck was a ton of fun – he got right down to it – taking no more than a few minutes to carve up each duck – ducks that arrived with their heads still attached.

After this stop, we continued to a Cantonese restaurant for our third course – which consisted of an eggplant dish with seafood rice.


The last table we sat at featured eggplant.

The rest of our meal was eaten standing: a chocolate tiger roll that was to die for (seriously good – almost as good as the Peking Duck) and a cup of tea.

chocolate tiger roll

Absolutely, positively, delicious!

Like my last Foods of New York Tour, I would highly recommend this tour – both the guide and the food were excellent.

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  • Looks yummy! I also did a Chinatown food tour recently…seriously good food.

    • Food walking tours are becoming one of my favorite ways to explore cities — since they combine eating with history — at least the Food Tours of NY do a good job of this.