March 2012


Last Friday night I got a lap dance. From a girl. And I don’t even remember her name.

The problem with my 18:00 CET photos is that I had to tell a story about what was happening to me at 18:00 CET, which was, of course, noon in New York,

Last Friday, at noon, I wasn’t doing the most interesting of things that I did Friday; I was visiting the Strand bookstore.

At the opposite end of the spectrum I went to a Burlesque show. My Sagittarius Amigo and I separated in mid-afternoon – he went to see William Shatner’s one-man show, while I decided to go to a Boylesk show that I’d seen mentioned in an email I received from Go Go Harder.

But therein was my mistake, it wasn’t Boylesk, it was Burlesque – something that didn’t completely dawn on me until about two hours before it started – too late to invite my Sagittarius Amigo to join me, which probably turned out for the best because it meant that I sat, alone, at the bar, in the perfect spot for the Burlesque show hosted by Miss Calamity Chang.

It was held at Hotel Chantelle, a fine dining and faux high-end bar on the lower-east side. I say faux because of the attitudes and prices of the people on both sides of the bar. (Actually the bartender was hot, but the other customers seemed self-important and paying $7 for a bottle of Heineken hurt.)

Sitting on my stool, I spun around when the show started and was rewarded with the best seat in the house – the performance was held in the middle of the floor, and with everybody crowded around the edge, I was seated directly opposite the host-table and there was nobody standing in front of me – and when the dancing girls stripped off and leaned back, the only thing between me and a full-on view of the wunders down under were the tiny g-strings that the women were wearing.

I do not have the body for this.

The show wasn’t completely burlesque – there were two boys dancing – thus it wasn’t a complete loss for me – and one of the boylesk dancers was Chris Harder – aka Go Go Harder – and he was wearing the fabulous jacket that appears in the attached flyer. He’s seriously hot, by the way, the kind of body that would make hetero-men reconsider their interest in women. His dance was excellent and, at least for me, more than made up for the fact that the majority of the dancers were women.

The next to last dancer was a woman – who was more outrageous that most of the previous dancers. Miss Calamity Chang said that this woman was allowed to do things that the other dancers were not allowed to do – like, I presume, pull people from the crowd, seat them on a chair in the middle of the dance floor and give them a lap dance.

And yes, so the one dude in the bar who was the least interested in having a girl give him a lap dance found himself pulled onto the floor, seated in the chair – and, uh, he put his $7 Heineken on the floor and enjoyed the girl-ass that was jiggling about 12 inches in front of his face.

Seriously – it was the only thing I could reasonably do. And it was a nice posterior – even if it wasn’t a boy’s ass.

And if you’re interested in an interview with Go Go Harder, here you go:

2 comments to Last Friday night I got a lap dance. From a girl. And I don’t even remember her name.

  • Mateo

    Sounds like you had fun.Chaz and I were wanting to see some good male burlesque. This boi is definitely hot and I like his personality. Maybe we’ll get a chance to see him eventually …

    • It was fun — not what I expected when I first decided to go, but it was cool seeing how the other half parties…