March 2012


Will somebody kill that witch for me?

Monday morning I woke up and everything was great!

I jumped out of bed – spotted something on the floor, leaned over to pick it up, and…

Well, I knew immediately that something bad had just happened – not that I cried out in pain, or anything – I just knew that I had experienced a Hexenschuss.

For the non-German speakers, LEO helpfully translates it into English as “lumbago” – which is defined as lower back pain.

The German is a whole lot more descriptive and true, if you ask me. A Hexe is a witch (or hag) – with the verb hexen meaning to practice witchcraft – and schuss is a shot.

So a witch shot me.

Monday was OK, Tuesday was awful – so bad that I broke down and bought a hot water bottle – and today – well, today things started feeling better, but I still skipped going to the gym.

And I’d gladly kill the witch that shot me.

4 comments to Will somebody kill that witch for me?

  • Welcome to the joy that is having a back spasm.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • MT

    Bummer. I wonder if your little microwaveable heater buddy could help?

  • Mateo

    Hope you are improving. Back pain is never a jolly good time.

  • Cynical Queer – Now that I’ve been to the doctor’s office…

    MT – I used him, but he is too thick and hard to sleep on. The hot water bottle is flatter.

    Mateo – Yesterday was the low point — Today is clearly a lot better.