March 2012


Ack! Between my Hexenschuss and my trip to Amsterdam…

I’ve gained two kilo in the past two weeks – and I’ll blame one kilo on not going to the gym, and the other kilo on Amsterdam.

With respect to the gym, once the Hexenschuss hit, I stopped going to the gym for over a week, and when I started going to the gym again, I kept it lightweight: 30-40 minutes of cardio and not very strenuously – some of it was going to the gym to just keep the habit of going to the gym, and then to enjoy the hot sauna.

Today I did the short version of my weightlifting regime, but with severely reduced weights on the machines that I had the most anxiety about, like, for example, the lower back machine. Normally I do 20 or 30 kilo – today I put on only 10 – which felt ridiculously light and silly, but I’d rather feel that it was ridiculously light and silly than reinjure myself. I concluded with 45 minutes of cardio where I actually had some rigor to it – getting, and keeping, the heart rate up.

The other kilo, the one gained in Amsterdam, I will squarely blame on (1) the best apple pie I have ever eaten in my life: Seriously good; (2) other cakes that I should never have eaten; and (3) a trip to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant Saturday evening – I love sushi, but after leaving the restaurant, I didn’t think about food until late Sunday morning. I never even gave the M&Ms I bought to eat at the movie theater another thought.

I think that I’ll spend some extra time at the gym this weekend – maybe crank out an extra hour or two on the cardio equipment. Maybe I should do that both Saturday and Sunday.

1 comment to Ack! Between my Hexenschuss and my trip to Amsterdam…

  • AnkiH

    Just don’t overdue yourself with all the Gym-nastic. Otherwise the Hexe might shoot back again!