March 2012


I’ve been too busy to tell you about my weekend in Amsterdam!

Apple Store, Amsterdam

Apple Heaven

In the hustle and bustle of the last week (in the last week, between the pointless physical therapy and other meetings, I had stuff to do every afternoon after work) I forgot (not really) about my trip to Amsterdam last weekend.

It was a splendid long weekend: I left Berlin first thing Friday morning and, thanks to my familiarity with everything, walked on Amsterdam Centraal Station plaza just before 11:00. In the intervening space, I’d flown, navigated Schiphol Airport, bought a train ticket, and put way too much money onto my OV-Chipcaart (public transit ticket for The Netherlands).

I had a wonderful time – I went to Amsterdam to meet some friends for the weekend and to hang out – but since they were working, I had the day to kill, which I killed with a trip to Amsterdam’s gay bookshop, lunch with the Texpatriate, visiting the new Apple Store (briefly), and having a few drinks with a working colleague at one of Amsterdam’s few remaining authentic brown bars.

Hottie from Centraal Station

Not a model, but should be.

Once I met up with my friends, we had a lovely time – including indulging my new photography hobby, going to the movies (saw Albert Nobbs – Glenn Close is very convincing, but there wasn’t a plot), eating all you can eat sushi, and, last but not least, going to Haarlem for a walk around town.

Model Modelling

She looked uncomfortable...

The only down side to the weekend was the fact that I gained weight: Friday I passed a bakery with a line out the door, so I joined the line and bought an apple pie – it was the very best apple pie I have ever had in my life. Foolishly I did not write down the name of the bakery. Then, Saturday, at the all you can eat sushi restaurant, I lacked proper restraint – and I didn’t need food again until late Sunday morning.

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