May 2012


What a Labor Day!

This week is great: It started, of course, Monday – I was one of but a few people at the office – and public transport was, essentially, empty. I couldn’t have imagined a better day of work – I actually got work done and had an enjoyable lunch with one of my colleagues.

Since Tuesday was a day off, a friend came over for dinner and we watched Pretty Woman – a movie that I’d never watched before.

Amusingly, I decided that I wanted to be a sophisticated host, and two hours before my friend arrived, I stuck a bottle of wine in the fridge to chill – I’d thought there was something odd about the bottle, but I gave it no mind – and when I took it out, I discovered it was a bottle of red wine: I don’t buy red wine because I often get headaches after drinking it, so I was immensely puzzled as to how this bottle had ended up in my small wine cellar (which consists of a maximum of 9 bottles).

I slept in Tuesday – until 8, then had a very lazy morning, including switching out my winter wardrobe for my summer wardrobe. Hopefully I haven’t jumped the gun too early with this maneuver: temperatures are going to drop this coming weekend.

However Tuesday was quite warm and I ended up coating myself in sunscreen before heading over to a nearby park to read a backlog of American Rolling Stone magazines that had just caught up with me here in Germany.

Seriously, a better day could not have been had, except for the fact that after I finished reading the magazines, I came home and took a nap!

Hot diggity dog!

Really – it couldn’t have been any better, except that it did get better: my fellow expat bloggers in Germany voted to have the Berlin WEBMU 2012 on the weekend when I will be 14,095 days old – which for reasons I will not go into here, is actually a very important day!


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