May 2012


Hafengeburtstag Hamburg 2012: Partying like a teenager!


Borkum, German Customs Ship

This past weekend I was Nautical Adam – I popped up to Hamburg to see Mr. Letters Home and his family. Completely by chance, it happened to be the Hafengeburstag weekend.

That is, it was the harbor’s birthday – and I’m not really sure why, because it seems pretty young to me, but the locals were celebrating it’s 823rd birthday.

All kidding aside, it was one heck of a party, and I enjoyed myself, which is saying something because I’m not really a boat person. Friday we watched a few ships sail up and down the Elbe, before grabbing amazing Chinese food.

Saturday we were allowed to go onboard ships, and we hit up two, the мир, a Russian sailing ship, and the Borkum, a German Customs Protection hydrofoil (at least I think that’s what it was). Saturday evening we enjoyed the very best fireworks I have ever seen in my life.


Bow of the мир

мир Sailor

Hello, мир Sailor!

Sunday we took a ferry up the Elbe watching people, before landing back at the Reeperbahn, where we had a late lunch (or, in my case, an early dinner) before I headed to the train station and to Berlin.



I took a ton of pictures – a few highlights are here and a Flickr Set – but I didn’t get any of the fireworks. I’d left my camera at home fearing the large crowds and the lack of a tripod, which I think was a good decision. I’d only want to take pictures if I could protect myself, and my camera, from the large number of drunk (and semi drunk) people celebrating 823 years of harboring ships.

San Francisco Bridge

San Francisco Bridge - A Container Ship that happened to pass through!


The mighty Troll

Classic Queen

With a name like "Classic Queen", you'd think that I would hop right onboard - but the captain (in the photo) was smoking a cigarette and looked like he was more fit to captain the minnow for a three hour cruise than pilot a boat safely up and down the river for an hour.

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