May 2012


Reflections upon Eurovision, the first semifinals

Last night, my American friend and I went out and watched Eurovision, the first semifinal round, at Rausch Gold, where, appropriately, we got a bit tipsy.

I won’t bother explaining exactly what Eurovision is, since I’ve covered the subject before, and because one can read the Wikipedia Eurovision and get the dry basics there, but what I will say is that Switzerland was robbed, and I’d also say that I think that Latvia and San Marino should have also both made it through.

Plus, what the hell? Ireland’s Jedward had a terrible performance – and got through to the finals? I’m also puzzled by the Albanian song getting through: I overheard somebody at the bar describing Rona Nishliu (a white woman with a nasty ass dreadlock bun) as the Albanian Amy Winehouse – which I wouldn’t take as a compliment.

In most of my normal life, I am, by far, one of the most fanatical Eurovision Song Contest fan that I know – I am, in my circle of friends and colleagues, the only one who buys the album and listens to it in constant rotation in the weeks ahead of the show. I’m the one who is going to skip the office party this week because it’s the same night as the second semi-final. But, as I tweeted last night,

Watching Eurovision in a gay bar assures me that I’m not the most fanatical Eurovision fan around. I’m an amateur.

And what I meant by that is that at one of the nearby tables, there was somebody who actually bought the hard-bound program that costs 19.95€ — the same guy, by the way, lip-synced and danced (as much as he could in his chair) to the songs throughout the evening.

I suspect that had the bar not been packed, he would have stood up and danced. But the bar, itself, was stuffed to the gills, and boiling hot. Any available space to sit or stand and see the large-screen TV was taken, with the chairs normally sitting out front, brought inside.

Ultimately, the biggest cheer at the bar was for Russia and it’s Buranovskiye Babushki: a collective of six grandmother’s who are, I suspect, going to win the overall contest because they’re lovable, and not because the song is especially noteworthy.

We left the bar after the contest, mainly because I needed fresh air and cooler air, and made our way to another bar, where we drank some more – leaving at roughly 12:30, heading home, and, along the way, I introduced American friend to Döner – a food best appreciated late at night, while drunk.

8 comments to Reflections upon Eurovision, the first semifinals

  • Oh dear, Switzerland was truly awful. Maybe the recorded version was better? I don’t want to click and find out in case I have to endure something like we saw live last night again. I thought they were Nickelback wannabes.

    Jedward’s song and performance weren’t that great, but I wanted them to win last year so I’m behind them going on. We got home after the show had already started so I missed Albania. The grannies are definitely on track to win or come close.

    I’m going to an important gathering at 7pm Saturday and I hope it doesn’t go on too long, because I can’t think of any way that leaving to watch Eurovision isn’t going to make me look like an ass….but I just cannot miss it….

    • Despite loving the grans I kind of still don’t want Russia to win because I’m still bitter that they won a few years back for that dreadful song with the ice skater.

      Much like I don’t want to see all those stupid tourism blurbs for Azerbaijan because their winning song sucked last year too. If another shit ballad wins….well, I won’t do anything but keep tuning in. 😛 With bitterness toward the winner. 😀

  • OJ@Berlin(actually, Ulaanbaatar)

    So sorry I missed it!!! There was just no way that I would have been able to stay awake until they broadcast it here (wait, not even sure whether they did, so probably good thing I didn’t stay up…). You know who to support on Thursday, eh? Enjoy!!!

  • I’ve tried to understand the appeal. I’m more of a sporty-sport Olympics fan.

  • I saw the grans and thought to myself that it was great that Abba was still getting press coverage.

  • MT

    Ah, babuskakas. That song, not so good.

  • pseudowife

    Eurovision was watched at 11am in Tucson via live streaming. I was for Russia–come on putting an oven on stage with ear-to-ear smiling grannies= now that is Eurovision Creative! Missed watching with you and your famous Erdbeer Bowle!! 🙂 You got Phil and I hooked back in Weimar and have been Eurovision fans ever since 🙂