June 2012


Decamped to Hillcrest, San Diego

It’s Harvey Milk Street!

I’m currently in San Diego – here to see some ex-expatriates who used to live in Berlin – but also to have me time.

Indiana is always a minefield for me – a good minefield, but a minefield nevertheless. Despite having moved away from Bloomington some 8 years ago, I […]

Guess where I was this morning…

Notes on my time in Hoosier-ville

Time in Indiana: Sunday, 7pm, until 6:30 am, Thursday morning, split between Bloomington and Indianapolis.

Notes on Bloomington:

Holy cow, there is a ton of construction going on – the bypass, 10th Street, South Walnut, Sare Road, plus the ongoing construction on campus. What a nightmare, I’ve never seen it this bad before. The Owlery […]

Today is going to simultaneously ROCK and suck.

It’s 4:45 and I have had about 4 hours of sleep so far.

Jetlag is evil, and I always have it badly when going Stateside.

I predict an afternoon nap, sandwiched in between all the awesome people I am going to see today.

Greetings, by the way, from Indiana.

CSD and tCSD Berlin, 2012

Plug Yourself In.

Saturday I headed out to watch the two Christopher Street Day parades that happen in Berlin every year – the “normal” one and the “alternative” one.

Wanting to hit up both parades meant that I had to choose strategically and that I never made it to the end party for the […]

Wissen schafft Akzeptanz / Knowledge brings acceptance: Happy Birthday to Alan Turing.

Today, June 23, 2012, marks the 100th birthday of Alan Turing, a man whose efforts helped break Nazi encryptions, and, consequently, end the war. He was even awarded an OBE for this.

There’s no way I could do justice to him in this space.

But I do want to focus on the fact that he […]

The 2012 Fête de la Musique, Berlin, at Rote Beete

June 21st is the annual music everywhere in the city party that is the Fête de la Musique – and I stopped by the Rote Beete and enjoyed the 8pm street concert featuring Mr. Pink & the Lily, with guest Kitty says blue.

The description listed the group as acoustic folk pop, Americana – I’d […]

Carry irony in your pocket: the Karl Marx MasterCard

When I moved to the big city, I decided it was time to dump small regional banks and go with a large, substantial, international player – and I’ve been completely happy with that jump, until now.

It’s all because my bank does not offer me the Karl Marx MasterCard, unlike Sparkasse Chemnitz.

It’s almost enough […]

My 2012 Berlin Fotomarathon – Relived – #12fmb (Part 3)

Ah… where were we?… oh yes, I’d left the second checkpoint behind… but I caught up quickly and was ready to move on and work on the last 8 photos of the day.

The second checkpoint was at the Berlinische Galerie, a short walk away from Checkpoint Charlie, so I headed toward the Checkpoint as […]

My 2012 Berlin Fotomarathon – Relived – #12fmb (Part 2)

Now that I was running a good hour behind, it was time to tackle the second eight themes of the Berlin Fotomarathon – I’d already envisioned photographs 9 and 11, so it was just a matter of figuring out 10.

Photograph 9 was Stadtleben / city life – and in my mind, I remember a […]