June 2012


Two things that are annoying about America

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a lot more interactions with Americans than I normally do, and I was reminded of two things that I find annoying about the States.

First, the drinking age is 21. I cannot think of a single good logical reason for this to be so.

Second, health insurance is not universal, and this means that non-married couples (same sex, in this case) must get their health insurance independently unless they are lucky with their employers and the local laws regarding this benefit. Health insurance should be universal and it shouldn’t depend upon the employer being generous; it should just be.

5 comments to Two things that are annoying about America

  • Strange you should bring this subject up on the very day I have employer sponsored healthcare coverage for the first time in 3 1/2 years.

    • Congratulations! That is something to celebrate. Don’t go breaking a leg or anything else though… keep it tame.

  • koko

    All the places I’ve worked since college have had same sex partnership coverage. Dustin’s employer is super gay friendly. They gave out some pride shirts yesterday…I think they are having/had a gay pride event at work.

  • Olly Page

    About your being against the drinking age of the state, I was wondering if you were thinking how this was too low or high of a cut for it. However, it does impose the question of why they were able to decide on that.

    • Hi Olly, thanks for your comment. I had to remove the spammy link that you accidentally included in your comment.