June 2012


Stylin’ – getting a new groove on…

For those of you who haven’t looked at my blog since, uh, this evening, welcome to the newly restyled TQE site.

I actually downloaded the new theme about a month ago – because while I liked the old theme, the original author hadn’t actually updated it for… uh… years. I think the most recent updates to the theme were actually done by somebody who hijacked the theme.

My quest for a new theme mandated that I still have the ability to rotate header photos – a surprisingly hard requirement to fulfill. That, and I wanted it to be understated and dignified.

Happily I believe that the new theme fulfills these requirements.

I have to recut (or cutanew) header photos. The dimensions for the space are different from the previous theme and so all the original header photos are useless now. That said, I cut three new ones in preparation, but I see that they don’t quite appear the way I want them to, so I will have to do some edits in the near future and upload recut photos. Additionally, I want to expand the collection to have more than just three photos.

I’d do it tonight, but the next item on my agenda is to get everything ready for tomorrow’s fotomarathon. Tangentially, while I was taking a short break from work today, I took a look at the website for the upcoming Hamburg Fotomarathon, and realized much to my amusement that I’m in one of their promotional photos on the page explaining what a fotomaraton is, “Der Fotomarathon“. Not only am I in the photo, but Snooker in Berlin is also featured.

Hamburg Fotomarathon Header Photo - showing a crowd from the 2010 Berlin Fotomarathon

This is the start of the Berlin Fotomarathon in 2011. Photo via the Hamburg Fotomarathon website.

1 comment to Stylin’ – getting a new groove on…

  • pseudowifey

    I like the new look! I am catching up on the blog now that I have reliable internet while living in Ankara. One never knows if the host family will have internet (it is not a requirement but most students I know would rather have unlimited internet than fed twice a day). Glad you are having so much fun in Berlin! Miss ya-pseudowifey