June 2012


My 2012 Berlin Fotomarathon – Relived – #12fmb (Part 2)

Now that I was running a good hour behind, it was time to tackle the second eight themes of the Berlin Fotomarathon – I’d already envisioned photographs 9 and 11, so it was just a matter of figuring out 10.

Photograph 9 was Stadtleben / city life – and in my mind, I remember a photo that I’d taken of the u-bahn station, Stadtmitte – it’s a really great photo, but as I went to re-take it, I realized that the photo wasn’t possible in the same way, at this time—so I had to reimagine it a bit – and then the sky wasn’t cooperating. I should have rethought this one out from scratch…

Stadtleben / City Life

The next one, lauthals lachen / laughing out loud was tough. No clue what to do. I wandered for quite awhile, until I found myself in the basement of a department store, where I saw these toilet paper holders and funky colored toilet paper – it made me laugh – and get yelled at. Photography is not, apparently, allowed in this department store. But she didn’t make me delete the picture, so here it is. If you want to buy it, don’t ask me where I took the photo, ‘cause I don’t want to give the store any of my money.

lauthals lachen / laughing out loud

My plan for sehnsüchtig / longing was clear as soon as I saw the item on the list – I popped into the Ritter Sport Store, snapped away, realized the lighting was funky, blocked one light and reshot. I was going to pick up a bar to munch on as I wandered onward, but the queue for the cash register was at least 10 minutes long – and I had places to go.

sehnsüchtig / longing

Next I needed Denkpause / pause for thought – initially I had no idea what to do for this one but then I realized that I was only a few steps away from Bebelplatz and its monument to the Nazi book burnings that took place there – this is, hands down, my favorite Berlin memorial and a place I try to take all of my guests.

Denkpause / pause for thought

Wandering around, thinking about Denkpause, I realized that I was in the perfect area for Höhenflüge / flight of fancy – it was just a matter of getting it right. Unfortunately the sky was an awful color, but, still, I think the photo came out OK.

Höhenflüge / flight of fancy

The next photo was a nightmare for me: richtig scharf / hot and spicy – I was sort of near the next checkpoint and so I didn’t really want to wander too far away from it unless I had something concrete. Nothing came to mind – other than an Indian restaurant, but even then… how to capture that in a photo. This photo sucks.

richtig scharf / hot and spicy

I have to confess that the next photo, Naschkatze / sweet tooth proved to be a similar nightmare – in fact, I arrived at the next checkpoint not having taken said photo. My feet were sore, my back was starting to hurt, and I just wanted to sit down. So I did, and then I realized that the ground below me was a huge puzzle with words hidden in it, and so I went looking for appropriate words. Sadly my German is limited, but Nuss seemed to fit: nut, or colloquially a numbskull, or perhaps a spanner/wrench socket. Neither my best photo, nor my worst – but at least it was out of the way.

Naschkatze / sweet tooth

Again I picked up the information with the last 8 themes before I had finished the current list, but, at least, this time I had an idea what to do about photo number 16 before I got the list for photos 17 through 24.

For sorglos / carefree, I opted to go for peace – a nearby park had a pillar with “Möge Friede auf Erden sein” written on the post: May peace prevail on earth.

sorglos / carefree

That’s sorglos / carefree.

And that’s the second 8 photos in the Berlin Fotomarathon. The final 8, tomorrow.

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  • I agree, this bunch of prompts was tough, all seeming to point towards food, right? I went with a similar idea for longing, but with my own personal version — coffee!