June 2012


My 2012 Berlin Fotomarathon – Relived – #12fmb (Part 3)

Ah… where were we?… oh yes, I’d left the second checkpoint behind… but I caught up quickly and was ready to move on and work on the last 8 photos of the day.

The second checkpoint was at the Berlinische Galerie, a short walk away from Checkpoint Charlie, so I headed toward the Checkpoint as I pondered what to do next.

Photo 17 is special because it could win the Campari special prize, and I thought that the photo should, naturally, feature Campari—as I called it a day (Feierabend).

Feierabend / to call it a day

Let me just say, Campari is disgusting. I don’t recall what the Campari special prizes are, but if they are bottles of Campari… I am going to have trouble getting rid of them. I cannot imagine that any of my friends actually drink that swill. What you don’t see in the above photo is that I also ordered a Sprite, which I was drinking off to the side as I tried to get the photo just right. The flowers are blocking a man and his wife who were sitting off to the side of the stairs.

From there I had a bit of a puzzle for the next photo: zusammen / together – I actually wandered aimlessly for a bit, before deciding to catch the bus over toward Alexanderplatz – and, along the way, it occurred to me that there was a happy couple along the way: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

zusammen / together

From there I kept walking east – I needed to find chillen / chilling – and my initial thought was that I could find some punks hanging out by some fountains – this did not work out as I envisioned. At the first fountain, there were punks, but more like 20 of them, and I didn’t see an obvious way to capture their chilling – so I moved on. Eventually I found a stage with performers – they were promoting some cause, but I cannot remember what, exactly. Sorry.

chillen / chilling

After this photo, I took another brief pause and considered what to do next – I already had figured out photo 21 and I had a vague plan for photo 23. Further, I already knew exactly how I was going to shoot photo 24.

Naturally this left me with photo 20: erfrischend / refreshing – and I decided to go for something obvious, so I popped into the nearby Saturn, found the fans, and… I was done.

erfrischend / refreshing

Back in Alexanderplatz, I stopped to buy my prop for photo 23, and then I headed off to do 21: Naturschönheit / natural beauty. Berlin has many excellent parks, and I decided to pop over to a nearby one and take its photo. By this time it was well into the sunset, so I pulled out the tripod and spent about 15 minutes getting this photo just right.

Naturschönheit / natural beauty

With this photo out of the way, I was actually stymied with no clue on how to tackle photo 22, leidenschaftlich / passionate. Actually, I could, but the resulting photo would have been too crude, plus I would have had to ask for volunteers… and that seemed inappropriate.

I actually wandered a very short distance to a bench where I was going to regroup, only to find photo 22.

leidenschaftlich / passionate

Clearly this would have been better for zusammen / together – but I didn’t know about the bench at that time, so I was stuck using it for leidenschaftlich / passionate.

For the next to last photo, I’d bought props: cherries: kirschrot / cherry-red. I found what I hoped was a reasonable back drop, formed the cherries into my number, and…

kirschrot / cherry-red

The last photo was, for me, clear shortly after I got the list: I wanted to photograph the last checkpoint because that would be Der letzte Tanz / the last dance for the evening. I actually switched lenses, putting on my fish-eye and snuck the shot, before walking a few feet over and submitting my 24 photos.

Der letzte Tanz / the last dance

Some how my last photos went by very quickly and I gained a whole lot of time – I was at the check-in around 9:30, an hour before the check-in was “officially” open. But that was OK – they were taking photos and I was exhausted.

All-in-all, I had an excellent time. I was much better prepared for this year’s fotomarathon, to the point that on Sunday I was merely exhausted, not sore. Somehow I even made it to the gym on Sunday – something I could not have predicted.

This is something I definitely want to do again, next year – although I am again curious how it goes on in other cities. Maybe I could do the Cardiff Photomarathon? Hopefully the one in Berlin and the one in Cardiff will not be scheduled for the same weekend…

3 comments to My 2012 Berlin Fotomarathon – Relived – #12fmb (Part 3)

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. I find the marathons and how people interpret the clues fascinating. Great job!

  • Mateo

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself this year. Lots of good pics. Hopefully you’ll learn from the trials of the last two marathons so that next time you’ll get exactly the photos you want!

  • I’m happy that you had a good time. The guy jumping onto the train and the Campari glass are probably my favorites, nice job.

    I had a really great day which went on into the next day very nicely.

    Now… when will it be NEXT year?