June 2012


Notes on my time in Hoosier-ville

Time in Indiana: Sunday, 7pm, until 6:30 am, Thursday morning, split between Bloomington and Indianapolis.

Notes on Bloomington:

  • Holy cow, there is a ton of construction going on – the bypass, 10th Street, South Walnut, Sare Road, plus the ongoing construction on campus. What a nightmare, I’ve never seen it this bad before.
  • The Owlery is Bloomington’s vegan-friendly restaurant on the Square. Very nice atmosphere, great tasting vegan food. I will definitely hit it up again in the future.
  • The Kinsey Juried Art Exhibition is well worth the time to visit. Lots of great art, and yes, there is nudity. I’m not sure the exhibit would carry such warnings if shown in Germany.
  • For my geography-GPS-based gay dating services (e.g. Grindr, Scruff), I put in a specific note into my profile that “No, I’m not joining the choir” – this is because there is some STUD asshole JOCK who has tried to get me to join the Quarryland Choir over Grindr during previous trips to Bloomington. I got more responses to my profile than ever before, most stating that my note about the choir was hilarious and appropriate. The asshole seems to have annoyed a large number of people – perhaps even alienated them.

Notes on Indianapolis:

  • The idiot at Avis who tried to upsell me to a Chevy Malibu when I requested a car with a trunk (first at $30 more a day, then $22 more a day), didn’t know that the Nissan Versa comes with a trunk. I think that trunks are a reasonable expectation when renting a car. Hatchbacks are not secure when one needs to leave one’s suitcase in the car for several hours. Figuring out car rentals continues to be my least favorite component of traveling.
  • I spent $150 at JC Penny in Indy (since they do not have a Bloomington location) – I haven’t shopped at JC Penny in years, but reading the news about how the anti-same-sex marriage assholes were protesting JC Penny because of advertisements featuring two moms and, later, two dads, prompted me to specifically seek out the store.

General Note:

  • I am escaping Indiana in the nick of time: Thursday’s high temperature is going to be 40C/104F. My personal high temperature is going to be a far more pleasant 28C/82F.

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  • J

    Funny, in Tampa in March I rented a car from Alamo and asked how much it would be to upgrade from a subcompact to a car with cruise control, and declined the upgrade after being told the price. When I went to the rental car pick up area, the woman told me that all of the subcompact cars were taken and I could have any from the compact area that I wanted – so I got a Nissan Sentra (compact) with cruise control.

  • The so-called Million Moms have their panties in a twist about the whole JC Penney ad campaign. I think they’re so upset because they’re seeing we’re just as boring as everyone else and that we fags are about more than just sex. How dare we want the same things they have, and show we are capable of it. We’re freaks, right?