July 2012


I missed my 20th high school reunion.

I was vaguely aware that 20 years ago I graduated from high school – and that there would be a reunion of some kind.

There was: it was this past Saturday, and I missed it.

Even had I been within reasonable range (5,000 miles is not, 50 is), I wouldn’t have gone because I detest […]

I forgot my username. Or maybe it was my password.

Currently I must remember my username and passwords to 14 mission critical websites – and I am going bonkers.

Remember, by the way that those are only 14 mission critical websites, never mind the second-tier stuff that I a wee-bit less often – so all told, it wouldn’t surprise me if I didn’t have something […]

Well now, that was Fucking Different XXX!

A week ago Sunday, I went on an adventure with a friend to an all-you-can-eat cake buffet at Hudson’s Bakery over in Kreuzburg (Quick Review: 8€, includes tea, great cake, do it).

Between the U-Bahn Station and the bakery, we passed a movie theater that I’d never heard of, Moviemento – and in its front […]

Berlin’s hip to fusion cooking: Korean Tacos!

After getting word that this weekend I’d be able to try Korean Tacos by Fräulein Kimchi, I rounded up a colleague and her plus one, convincing them to meet me at Chaparro in Kreuzberg for the momentous occasion.

Pictured above is my entrée: Chicken Korean Tacos. Also served were the Chicken Korean […]

More fun than I expected…

Last night I kind of nerded out and started sorting through a massive stack of paperwork that’s accumulated over the past month – there’s something cathartic about sorting through all of it, punching holes in documents and putting them in binders.

Maybe that’s not nerding, per se, but a sign of being too German.

I […]

Nothing like differences between what you’re told to do in German and in English…

Today I picked up a new pair of shoes and was given a free can of G-Wax that I could use to waterproof my new shoes.

I read the instructions on the bottom of the tin:

Anwendung: Sparsam mit den Fingern oder einem Tuch auftragen.

Basically, I’m supposed to sparingly apply it with […]

Girl on Girl Action: The Berlin Bombshells

The Safety Check, prior to the second period.

A few years ago I saw Whip It, and I enjoyed it – ever since then I’ve been interested in seeing an actual Roller Derby contest.

Unfortunately it can be challenging to see a match as the games are somewhat irregularly and infrequently scheduled. Furthermore the […]

Reason why I eat too much in the States: Carnitas

Last Sunday afternoon, after having tackled a mountain of email at my second favorite coffee shop on the planet, the 9th and Downing Dazbog, I decided that I wanted to indulge in something that one cannot get in Berlin: Great Mexican food.

I drove down one of Denver’s most infamous streets, Colfax Avenue, until I […]

History Colorado: Colorado has history, but it’s kind of shallow now.

Saturday morning, after having breakfast with one of my oldest friends, we headed over to the brand new History Colorado Center – brand new as it opened only a couple months ago.

The new museum replaces the old facility, which looked like a typewriter and was both one of my favorite buildings in downtown Denver […]

What’s doing with me…

I’m in Denver, briefly, visiting my family and seeing my Mom’s new house.

So far I haven’t made any accidental trips to the old house, my car has managed to find its way to the new address without error each and every time. I bet I head to the old house the next time […]