July 2012


Girl on Girl Action: The Berlin Bombshells

Safety Check!

The Safety Check, prior to the second period.

A few years ago I saw Whip It, and I enjoyed it – ever since then I’ve been interested in seeing an actual Roller Derby contest.

Unfortunately it can be challenging to see a match as the games are somewhat irregularly and infrequently scheduled. Furthermore the only team I was really aware of was the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls, based in Bloomington – with the odds of me being in Bloomington and a match happening at the same time being incredibly low.

Then, a couple months ago, I found the QUAD Roller Skate Shop purely by chance: it’s a Roller Derby Skate Shop – right here in Berlin. I then discovered that Berlin has a Roller Derby team: the Berlin Bombshells. Unfortunately I was in Hamburg for the first available match, and the second available match was during the Berlin Fotomarathon, so I was forced to wait until Saturday to go.

Saturday’s match: Berlin versus Berlin.

Bear City Roller Derby

Getting ready to start one of the rounds.

It was supposed to be Berlin Bombshells against London Brawling, but London couldn’t make it, so Berlin divided its self into the Amazing Greys and the — uh – I forget something Red.

Unfortunately I never got around to studying the basic rules of the game, so I was a bit clueless, but I did have fun. In November, Berlin is going to host the Track Queens – Battle Royal and I’m planning on going for at least one of the days, so I’ll be reviewing the rules in advance.

Resident Shevil

Resident Shevil – Apparently I’ve had the wrong nickname for one of Germany’s best expatriate bloggers.

But in the meantime, enjoy a few photos, with more in my Berlin Bombshells Flickr Set.



Bear City Roller Derby

Here the skater who scores points (helmet with the star on it) is trying to break through.

Bear City Roller Derby

Liberated: going for speed to get around the loop.

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