July 2012


More fun than I expected…

Last night I kind of nerded out and started sorting through a massive stack of paperwork that’s accumulated over the past month – there’s something cathartic about sorting through all of it, punching holes in documents and putting them in binders.

Maybe that’s not nerding, per se, but a sign of being too German.

I even started assembling the files that I’ll need for my 2012 taxes – figuring out which receipts to keep, which ones to dump, and arranging them neatly so that all I’ll have to do is scan them and ship them off to my awesome accountant next spring.

At the end, though, I had a pile of papers that I don’t need any more – but because so much of them have sensitive information on them, it’s too much to tear them up and hope for the best with the recycling bin, so I decied it was high time to buy a shredder.

I now own an Olympia PS 42 CCD.

It’s more fun and satisfying than I expected – there’s something nice about seeing credit card slips being shredded – and cross cut, into little pieces.

Because it’s not professional grade, I can only do a few sheets of paper before I’m supposed to let the motor rest for an hour, so I have a full day of shredding ahead of me.

Gotta go – time to feed through the next batch.

2 comments to More fun than I expected…

  • Mateo

    I also have fun destroying paper! We were probably both cats in a former life. 🙂

    • Meow!

      It’s also quite satisfying to reach into the shredded paper and stir it up even more, so that columns and bits of paper are not in the immediate vicinity of its old parts… Plus now I’m shredding stuff that isn’t important, just to increase the mix…