August 2012


Every Day by David Levithan

This past week one of my favorite authors, David Levithan, had his newest book published, Every Day, over in the United States.

Historically speaking, I would now be excited, in the abstract, order the book, then have to wait for me and the book to unite, whether via a visiting friend’s suitcase or me making […]

Defining how to be a good neighbor.

Make no mistake about it, I love living in the city – I’m 20 minutes from work, 8 minutes from the gym, 10 minutes from more grocery stores than I can shake a fist at, plus movie theaters, museums, and all the other cultural amenities that make urban living great.

Problematic are the neighbors.

In […]

Berlin, August 2012

I took this photo earlier this month, here in Berlin. Bonus Points to the first person who correctly guesses where.

Two days in Augsburg.

The Rathaus – overlooking a bleak, construction filled, plaza.

The main drag. Emphasis on “drag”.

After accumulating way too many overtime hours at work, I cashed some of them in this week, taking Monday and Tuesday off, in order to go to a conference down in Augsburg.

This wasn’t my first visit to […]

Bleh… Travel Headaches… No, not the kind you’re thinking of.

Lorenzkirche, one of many pretty churches in Nürnberg.

Saturday I headed south from Berlin to Nürnberg, something close to 4 solid hours on the train. Luckily I managed to get two seats to myself.

Unluckily, as I was checking into my hotel, I realized that I had a massive, massive headache, and no Tylenol […]

Free Pussy Riot

Free Pussy Riot

A Kreuzberg Balcony

My favorite touch is the framed twig on the wall behind the “girl”.

my name was Liam – Our Broken Voice / subtlemob in Berlin

Scene of the performance.

Saturday evening I participated in a 30-minute theatre event in Berlin, where my name was Liam.

“Our Broken Voice” was a project where participants registered and then downloaded a 30-minute mp3 based on their gender and on their birthdate, creating four characters who would then converge on a public space […]

Feeling Entrepreneurial at Sankt Oberholz

In the July 28th issue of The Economist, there was a brief about European Entrepreneurs, which started, oddly enough, at the St. Oberholz café in “eastern” Berlin.

THE St Oberholz café in eastern Berlin is as hip as any of the area’s bars: graffiti-covered doors, in-your-face art, edgy fashion and the Beastie Boys in the […]

Note to somebody in my life…

I recently corrected the grammar of somebody who was writing “your welcome” whenever I thanked her for doing something over email. Instead of thanking me for pointing out her error and preventing her from looking like an uneducated idiot to a multitude of others, I’ve been treated poorly.

Maybe this comic will help her […]