September 2012


Vacation Review

TP A319 at SXF

My chariot to Lisbon – A TAP Portugal A319, Flight TP 537. Over an hour and a half late.

Before my trip to Lisbon, a few friends asked me to take notes because they are (or are thinking about) going to Lisbon. Unfortunately for them, my plan was to go to the beach and nothing else.  Seriously.  And I did — save for two evening meals with a Portuguese friend, I devoted as much time as possible to the beach.

Beach View

Friday, this was my view, shortly after settling down on the beach. It got busier, later.

I’m now much more confident in my driving around Lisbon – although I did manage to get lost in Lisbon a few times. Fortunately I could reorient myself quickly and get myself “found” without too many issues. The rental car was a Citroen of some sort — functional, comfortable, but not especially memorable. I actually walked past it once without noticing it; it wasn’t until I used my keyless remote that I could find it!

Sunset on the beach

Saturday night I stayed at the beach until the sun set at 7:55. My exciting night life consisted of a few minutes of television and a lot of sleep.

Unfortunately it was cloudy near the horizon, so watching the tail end of the sunset wasn’t as spectacular as I hoped, but it was one of the main things I wanted to do on my trip — other than sit on the beach.

On the beach

 Monday I returned to the beach one last time. The towel is one of two non-consumables that I bought just for me. The other item was a bottle opener that was pure impulse. Total spent on trinkets for me: 18€. I also bought six postcards – so only a few people are getting those. I was too busy at the beach to write more.

I’ve said it before, but hands down the best acquisition of the year has been the e-reader: I read 6 books on the beach, but the heaviest things in my bag were the bottles of water (I went through 3 large bottles a day).

My goal is to take this vacation again, every year: this was, hands down, the most wonderfully relaxing weekend of the year. My colleagues back at the office noticed the tan and declared that I look relaxed.

2 comments to Vacation Review

  • Woo beach! Was it easy to get to? My parents-in-law want to laze around some days while D & I sightsee and I bet they would love the beach.

    • Easy as pie: south on the A2, first exit after the 25th of April bridge, turn left at the second stop light, through two roundabouts, and then turn right somewhere where there is a sign announcing “Praia”… 🙂 No clue how to do it with public transport.