October 2012


Happy 775th Anniversary to Berlin!

Points of Interest & Fernsehturm

Berlin has many points of interest – and if you look, one Fernsehturm.

Tiergarten toward Brandenburger Tor

Looking across Tiergarten toward Brandenburger Tor

This month Berlin is busy celebrating 775 years – there are a number of parties, exhibitions, and other events honoring the city’s brief moment on the planet.

Hauptstrasse toward Mitte

Looking along Hauptstrasse toward Mitte – roughly speaking, my route to work.

Today I stopped by Schloßplatz to see one of the celebrating events – a 1:775 scale map of the city that shows all the streets (but not their names), along with a number of “push-pin” markers with signs talking about the city’s history.

Berlin's 1:775 Stadtplan!

Berlin’s 1:775 Stadtplan, celebrating 775 years. Just wait for the map celebrating 1,000 years.

Naturally I was interested in the places that I see every day, like Friedrichstrasse and Haupstrasse.

Haupstrasse, Berlin

My Kiez! Much of my time is spent on Hauptstrasse – the pole above the Ss marks Hauptstrasse 16.

The biggest surprise, for me, was learning that my favorite Turkish Supermarkt, Öz-Gida is a historic site of note – but not, necessarily, for a good reason. Back in 1751, Frederick the Great had a number of houses built on what would, eventually, become Hauptstrasse. It seems that the pre-existing Schöneberger farmers resented having the interlopers. The tensions were, relatively speaking, shortlived, and with time Hauptstrasse 16 became the site of the last remaining “Kolonistenhaus” – which survived two World Wars, only to be torn down in 1973. My favorite Turkish supermarket, a fantastic supermarket, but a non-descript, if there ever was one, building, stands on the this spot.


Öz-Gida, in my humble opinion, Berlin’s best Turkish Supermarket.

Immediately after learning this at the 1:775 map, I went there and bought groceries.

(Hat tip to andBerlin/Berlin: City of Diversity – A 1:775 Scale Map on the Schlossplatz for turning me on to this!)

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