November 2012


Flying Pam Ann

my ticket!

Wednesday night I finally saw a comedian that I’ve wanted to see for years: Pam Ann.

Given how much I love travel, in particular, flying, let me just say that Pam Ann is a comedian right up my alley. She does comedy that is based on the airline industry, poking fun […]

I have a new coffee table!

The Couchtisch, delivered.

After ordering my new couch, it suddenly dawned on me that I would finally have enough space in my apartment to have a coffee table – and so I started the quest to find the perfect coffee table.

I discounted Ikea almost immediately – I have enough Ikea furniture in my […]

Happy Thanksgiving. Or Not.

Ah… if I were stateside today, I would be eating turkey.

But I’m not. I’m in Berlin.

And I’m sick.

It actually makes me doubly happy that both of m tentative thanksgiving plans fell through since I would have had to cancel anyway.

Instead I’m spending my second day in a row at home, wondering […]

A Misty Friday in Berlin.

There’s construction near my office — and today I looked in the hole and saw wiring.

In Alexanderplatz there are quite a few One-Man Bratwurst vendors — today 1.35€ per bratwurst.

Berlin’s famous Fernsehturm was shrouded in low lying clouds this afternoon. Probably not the best afternoon to go up the tower.


Stroking my Ego, Twice in 24 Hours

I can go weeks without feeling good about myself.

Wait, that sounds bad. What I mean is that generally speaking I feel good about life, but that it’s nice to, every once in awhile, hear somebody else say it.

Yesterday I heard it – well, read it – at the office in an email exchange:


A Little Remembered Anniversary Passed This Week

I work out.

While Germans were observing the anniversary of Kristallnacht and celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, I observed the second anniversary of my gym membership.

By coincidence I had a meeting with my personal trainer – and we discussed my progress over the last two years.

And as I look back […]

What a sense of relief that Obama was reelected…

Thanks to a vacation policy that I don’t quite understand, back at the end of September I was granted an extra day off this year, which I immediately applied toward taking today off.

As the election progressed, I came to realize that I would either be very happy or very depressed today, and in either […]

The Germans managed to spoil a good rant – but why? (Alternative Title: My Sofa Was Delivered a Day Early)


I’m annoyed.

You see, I already had a blog entry mentally composed for tomorrow in which I was going to simultaneously complain about the delivery of my new sofa while, at the same time, praising its good looks and tell you how much I love it.

Unfortunately, the fine folks at the Mulipolster […]