December 2012


Adam – allein zu Haus, part Wednesday

I’m happy to report that I’ve survived Christmas, at home, alone.

Since Friday evening, I’ve watched a lot of Breaking Bad, read books, went to the gym, and took a lot of naps.

I actually never left the house Saturday – temperatures in Berlin dropped below freezing and I decided that I’d rather be warm than go out and to the gym, which turned out to be a minor mistake.

Sunday, when I did venture out, it was a mess: a layer of snow was covered with sleet, which then covered with more snow and, then, as I was walking home from the gym, a layer of freezing rain. Not the easiest walk—but given the miserable weather conditions, I popped into to two smaller shops and picked up some last minute groceries – steering well away from the major shops.

Amazingly, by 9 Monday morning, the snow had practically vanished – and so I went for an wander through Berlin – actually to my office to pick up something I’d accidentally left behind, and then I picked up an inflatable plastic Christmas tree that was on sale for 6€, down from 25€. I got home around 1 and then hid out for the rest of the day.

One thing that is hard for a lot of people to believe is that I need a lot of alone time and, for me, the Christmas holiday is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a lot of time without others. Whenever I tell people that I’m looking forward to spending time alone, they try to invite me to join their Christmas parties/dinners/events – and they seem disbelieving that I actually want to be alone.

Tuesday was, in my book, perfect: I woke up at my leisure, relaxed, hit the gym, and then watched Breaking Bad.

Christmas is coming to an end today – I will hit the gym again and get ready for tomorrow.

I’ll be hopping a jet plane.

3 comments to Adam – allein zu Haus, part Wednesday

  • You and I are alike this way. I need alone time, and if I don’t get it I start getting crabby.

    I’ve also started watching Breaking Bad tonight but I’m only one episode in at this point.

  • koko

    I’m not a fan of all the forced family crap on holidays. I enjoy the quite time as well. 🙂

  • CQ – I hope you’re enjoying Breaking Bad. I ran through the four seasons that are available and now wish I lived Stateside and subscribed to AMC. Alas, I must wait.

    Koko – quiet time rocks! Wish you were here though, Mobile is far better than I could ever have predicted.