December 2012


Target’s Up & Up: Accidentally Amusing

One thing that I like to do whilst in the States is pop into local drug stores and pick up things that are inexpensive Stateside, but expensive in Germany, including, for example, aspirin.

This trip I stopped by Target and I noticed for the first time that their house brand had changed. I don’t know what it was before (never left an impression), but the new one is called “up & up”, and features on the package an upward (and to the right) tilting arrow.

I didn’t actually need many drugs – I have a decent supply of Tylenol and ibuprofen that should keep headaches away for the next couple of years. The two things (well, three) that I needed were easily found: aspirin, Dayquil and Nyquil. The former I like to keep on hand just in case, the latter – well, I ran out my supply with my recent awful cold.

aspirin, cold/flu relief - by up&up

Looking at the shelf, I picked out the “up & up” brand since it was inexpensive and identical to the fancy brand alternatives.

Wandering through the rows of drugs (something that one simply cannot do in Germany), I found a drug where, perhaps, the “up & up” brand name worked against what the product offered.

nighttime sleep aid by up&up

2 comments to Target’s Up & Up: Accidentally Amusing

  • Mateo

    But the brand will work great if they ever come up with a version to help combat erectile dysfunction.

  • koko

    The sleep aid you have posted is 100% benedryl exept the tablet is blue instead of pink. Diphenhydramine main side effect is sleep so when its patent was up it was relabled as a sleep aid. Its cheaper to buy it labeled as an antihistamine than a sleep aid. I get 600 tablets for 3 dollars. Just an fyi for future purchases.