January 2013


My Sofa-Bed has now been used as a bed!

It’s a bed!

This weekend I’m hosting Cathy of I’m Learning How to Cook fame—she’s up here for a two day seminar and needed some place to crash. She’s at the seminar right now and this morning I forgot to ask her how it works as a bed. I hope it was comfy!

Before […]

Vignettes from Childhood: 5

I don’t actually remember much about kindergarten, other than the fact that my teacher was Ms. Stein (probably Mrs. Or Miss, but I don’t recall – as I look back, she was of a generation that preceded the Ms. prefix). The main reason I remember her name is that she also taught my brother and […]

Random Thoughts for January 20, 2013

My Wyoming Cowboys won their basketball game against #15 San Diego State last night. Given the scheduled game times, I tend to sleep through the vast majority of the games – February 16th is the most plausible game for me to watch/hear live, if it weren’t for the fact that I already have plans […]

Lance Armstrong, I never was impressed with him…

Lance Armstrong’s bicycle.

Today, while doing cardio at the gym, I noticed CNN announcing that Lance Armstrong has apparently told Oprah that he did use drugs.

It would be poetic if I could say that I watched this while spinning, but I was actually on the elliptical machine; spinning was accomplished Sunday and I […]

I’m an idiot who answers unsolicited emails… FML

Liberty Income Taxes – for Canada

Every so often I check through my spam folder and am amazed at the offers for Viagra, free credit reports, and breast enhancement surgery, or whatever is lurking in that folder. Unless I spy a legitimate email hidden in the folder, I quickly hit the delete all button […]

Airports & Airlines XV (Plus 2012 in Review)

All true, except Florida…

My 2012 travel is over – I visited 15 different airports in 2012, flew ten different airlines, visited six countries, seven German Länder, and seven US States — although I did list eight on my whiteboard because I expected to stop by Florida during my New Year’s Eve trip […]

A Handy Parade: Mobile’s New Year’s Eve Parade

View from my balcony.

While there were other options in Mobile, I wanted a downtown hotel – and landed at the Hampton Inn & Suites – a wee-bit expensive for what it was, but it was directly on the parade route, and it came with balconies directly overlooking the street.

It turns out I […]

Nothing quite like casual racism from old people…

Wednesday evening I boarded the plane to Europe, happy to be headed home, thrilled to be doing so in the comfort of the emergency exit row with infinite legroom.

Alas, I was not alone; seated next to me were an older couple. He was GI who’d met and married the German girl of his dreams […]

Handy Food – My eating in Mobile, Alabama

One of the things I was looking forward to the most about my trip to Mobile was the food – while Berlin has an eclectic and outstanding set of restaurants, there are no good seafood restaurants that are reasonably priced in Berlin – and there were exactly two restaurants and one coffee shop on my […]

Handy Mobile—the museums I liked.

Dauphin Street, Mobile’s Downtown Street.

Last summer, The Traveling PhD, her husband, and I were debating where we would meet for New Year’s Eve – Given the constraint set, essentially our debate was between New Orleans and Mobile.

Mobile won.

Before this trip, my experience with Mobile was about 15 minutes during spring break […]