January 2013


Random Thoughts for January 20, 2013

  1. My Wyoming Cowboys won their basketball game against #15 San Diego State last night. Given the scheduled game times, I tend to sleep through the vast majority of the games – February 16th is the most plausible game for me to watch/hear live, if it weren’t for the fact that I already have plans for that evening.
  2. I sorted through a massive stack of paperwork today. A tiny part of my time was dedicated to filing the papers that have accumulated this month. Another tiny part was dedicated to paying bills. A large chunk of time was spent organizing papers for my accountant – but only an hour. The amount of time was limited to an hour because I’d spent an hour last July pre-organizing my papers. All I need to do now is wait for the rest of the documentation to come in and send it all off to my accountant.
  3. As a reward for getting a lot of things done first thing this morning, I allowed myself to go to a coffee shop (read: *$), where I ordered a lactose-free latte and settled down with a book for a couple hours. It was bliss – although the girl sitting next to me had significant earphone leakage – there were moments where I could almost make out the words.
  4. I’ve been researching plane tickets to see my family this year – for my desired dates, all I can say is, “ouch!” I need to seriously re-think when I am going to head stateside.
  5. Much of my free writing time has been devoted to a personal project of late – a few people have read the output and seem to like it. Depending upon what happens next, I’ll either publish it in mid-February or in early March. Details forthcoming at a later date.
  6. I’m really grateful that Mitt Romney’s schedule is wide open today – it was nice watching President Obama take the oath of office today – and I look forward to the pomp and circumstance of the celebration tomorrow.
  7. Berlin’s weather has turned chilly and I have become a huge homebody – after work and gym, I tend to be at home, reading books and watching movies. It might sound a bit boring to others, but it’s been great. That said, when I’ve forced myself to go out and do things, I’ve not regretted it. The trick is finding the right balance between my tendency to stay home with the need to go out and do things with others.

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