January 2013


My Sofa-Bed has now been used as a bed!

sofabed as bed

It’s a bed!

This weekend I’m hosting Cathy of I’m Learning How to Cook fame—she’s up here for a two day seminar and needed some place to crash. She’s at the seminar right now and this morning I forgot to ask her how it works as a bed. I hope it was comfy!

Before her seminar this morning we went for a walk. Our destination was the Winterfeldt Markt, which this time of year is small. I assume it’s small due to the season – and the sub-freezing temperatures meant that not only was it small, but it was quiet. She was in the market for earrings and I was in the market for food.

Both of us were satisfied.

We started our consumption with my favorite tiramisu – most weeks there’s this Italian guy selling coffee and tiramisu from a stand. The coffee is excellent and the tiramisu is to die for. What I love is the fact that the Italian accent makes German sound so awesome. It’s hard to describe, but it is charming and makes me wish I could find an Italian boyfriend – one with an accent. (Sorry CQ – I know you’re certified Italian, but you lack the accent. But then again, I’m 50% Italian, ethnically speaking.)


I’ve taken more photos of tiramisu than I realize. This is today’s piece.

From there we both picked up woolen socks from Riga. The timing was excellent because this week I retired my pair of warm house socks—after several winters of servitude, the socks were clearly showing their age.

Cathy was on a quest to find earrings – the first stand of earrings we looked at seemed to be a tad on the expensive side: starting at 20€ a pair for smallish Mother of Pearl. Then we found the most adorable earrings – inexpensive – with a zillion adorable motifs, including food.

petit four earrings

Petit Four Earrings… so adorable!

After this we were both frozen and popped in to a nearby café – where we warmed up with a light breakfast and tea. I had peppermint tea, which in Germany it is typically made with fresh peppermint… This is a Lytro photo, so click on it to refocus it (may not show up in readers):

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