February 2013


My hard work is over. The Wyoming Monologues go on…

Strive On – The control of nature is won, not given.

As I noted at the beginning of February, my entry to the Wyoming Monologues was accepted and will be performed on March 8th at 9pm following a performance of the Vagina Monologues.

Writing my piece was an interesting exercise for me, mainly because […]

Ney! You don’t say!

These are good times to be a vegetarian in Europe.

Not that I am one, but like most people living in Europe, I’ve been eyeing the ground “beef” with a great deal of suspicion of late.

Mainly because it’s not necessarily beef.

Amazingly, some products claiming to have ground beef actually contain 100% pure ground […]

A Great Mexican Fiesta – in Berlin!

Guacamole and Chips at Tacos de Mexico

So, as I noted in my last post, last Saturday night I had dinner plans – plans involving a long-time reader, 50€, and margaritas!

The 50€ was from the fact that I performed a minor favor for a friend – a tip, as it were, and had […]

What an icky few weeks.

Germany seems to have come down with a cold.


Germany seems to have come down with a number of colds, and I am getting each one in turn. So far, I’ve had three distinct colds – a heavy duty cold in late January that marked its entrance with a headache and minor fever. Two […]

A Short Weekend Trip to Prague

One of the “nooks” on the Charles Bridge featured this sculpture of men in agony.

Some how, between my birthday, the Berlinale, and the fact that I’ve had three nasty colds over the past four weeks, it totally escaped me that I hadn’t posted about Prague.

I was in Prague for a weekend at […]

Berlin’s taxi drivers are awesome.

Last night, on my way back from a Berlinale film, I missed the U2 at Alexanderplatz by 30 seconds.

Faced with a 15-minute wait for the next train, I made the rational decision that I could afford a taxi, and so I went to find one.

I will readily admit that I had not examined […]

So, Tuesday was my birthday…

Tuesday was not a productive day at work: I’d baked two batches of Butterscotch Cookies and brought them to the office with me in order to celebrate my birthday.

As somebody who’s worked with a surprisingly large number of colleagues, the German tradition of bringing sweets to the office to celebrate your own birthday is […]

Locked Out.

This afternoon I couldn’t get into my office – the key just would not turn. No matter how hard I tried.

It was a bit inconvenient as I actually wanted to go home, but my coat was still inside the office.

Not sure what to do, I popped down to the nearby administrative assistant and […]

My entry was accepted…

Back in December, a call for entries to the Wyoming Monologues crossed my path, and I decided to write something.

It took me a month and a half to get the text ready – I owe great thanks to, among others, Ian in Hamburg – and submit it.

This morning I woke up to the […]