February 2013


A Great Mexican Fiesta – in Berlin!

Guacamole and Chips

Guacamole and Chips at Tacos de Mexico

So, as I noted in my last post, last Saturday night I had dinner plans – plans involving a long-time reader, 50€, and margaritas!

The 50€ was from the fact that I performed a minor favor for a friend – a tip, as it were, and had I had the ability to turn it down politely, I would have. But I couldn’t – and so I saved it – that exact 50€ for seven months until we could go and feast on margaritas and Mexican food.

As I’m sure I’ve whined about before, generally speaking Mexican food in Germany is awful. The one exception to this is that one can get pretty damned good California burritos at Dolores’ two locations in Berlin. Beyond that, I’ve eaten at several places and the best of the bunch (which isn’t saying much) is out of business.

Conveniently this month’s Exberliner had a review of burrito shops and other Mexican restaurants in town, and I picked one for us to visit – but we ended up not going there because my guests walked past Tacos de Mexico on their way to my place and asked me, “Did you know that there’s a Mexican restaurant ten minutes from your apartment?”

Actually, I did.

But after several failed attempts to eat there – each time thwarted by the fact that it was closed during what were advertised as opening hours – I’d written the place off.

After receiving their assurances that Tacos de Mexico was open, we wandered over there – much simpler than the u-bahn trip involving a connection and then walking through a u-bahn station that is fine during the day, but on Saturday nights a substitute disco for people who like to drink beer from cornershops in u-bahn stations.

As I hadn’t eaten since breakfast (I’d spent most of the day in bed, making sure that my illness was long, long gone), we ordered a lot of food, and a number of drinks. I had a total of three margaritas – and by 10:30, nothing could hurt me.

The food was also excellent. We started off with salsa, guacamole, and chips – this being Germany, one of the “hot” sauces wasn’t actually hot, but after the initial set of sauces were used up, our lovely waitress brought out another type of hot sauce that was actually hot – a very pleasant delayed kick.

Following the starters, we had a number of tacos and fajitas – I actually started with the fajitas – chicken only – and was pleasantly surprised by the flavors. The tacos were also great. The small tortillas are made in house, while the larger ones are not – therefore, I’d always go for the small diameter tacos.


Excellent fajitas at Tacos de Mexico — not quite the same as Tex-Mex, but really, really good. I’ll be going back.

Pleasantly stuffed and sozzled, we decided that the prudent course of action for the rest of the evening was to head home.

I did so on foot, but not before I amazed my friends by ordering them a taxi with an app on my phone. They were stunned when the app said the taxi would be there in two minutes and then we could watch the taxi drive down streets on a map in the app—and when the App showed it turning on to the street, we looked down the street, and there was the taxi turning on to the street.

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  • Mmmm, Tacos.

    I tried to have mexican food the other night, but was thwarted by the restaurant being too full to get a table.

    There is another mexican place called Margaritas a few minutes walk from my apartment, but it’s 70% bar and 30% restaurant. And, ironically, their margaritas are terrible.