February 2013


Ney! You don’t say!

These are good times to be a vegetarian in Europe.

Not that I am one, but like most people living in Europe, I’ve been eyeing the ground “beef” with a great deal of suspicion of late.

Mainly because it’s not necessarily beef.

Amazingly, some products claiming to have ground beef actually contain 100% pure ground horsemeat.


It almost hit home for me – I know that I was in the middle of a self-imposed IKEA pause, but they sent me a coupon to get free tickets to a show I want to see – so I broke down and popped into my local IKEA. In addition to my free tickets I picked up some candles and napkins, as well as a sheet that I needed.

I spent 20€ and was in and out of IKEA in less than 40 minutes, which is pretty fast.

However, I didn’t stop to eat any of the Swedish meatballs.

Good thing: horsemeat has been found in the balls.

5 comments to Ney! You don’t say!

  • If those vegetarians are eating organic eggs, they’re probably feeling cheated right about now too.

  • It kind makes you know how a Hindu in Wyoming feels the first time they pass a steakhouse.

  • Every time I see more about the horse meat scandals, I just roll my eyes a bit. Horse meat is eaten all over the world already. I’ve had it as a pizza topping in Berlin; it tasted like salty pork. So much drama over a whole lot of nothing.

    • I think that there are two problems — it’s not that eating horse meat is bad, but.. (1) some of the horse meat has been found to have drugs in it that shouldn’t be consumed by humans; and (2) labels should be accurate as to the content. People need to know for both allergy reasons and for religion…