March 2013


It’s time to change dentists.

When it comes to things like the dentist, inertia is my dentist’s best friend.

The fact is that my dental practice here in Berlin is overpriced and incredibly stylish. Stylish to the point that while there I always feel a bit out of place because I don’t wear the finest brand name clothing in the […]

Bletchley Park

Last year was the 100th birthday of Alan Turing—the brilliant, gay, scientist who helped break the Enigma machine, and then (probably) committed suicide in 1954.

During the Centenary Celebration, I became aware of Bletchley Park, a museum at the wartime site of British code breaking. I filed away this knowledge for a future trip to […]

Alternative London – Exploring Brick Lane

Saturday, before Book of Mormon, I headed over toward Brick Lane for the Alternative London tour – which is, basically, a tour of Brick Lane focusing on street art and graffiti. The tour is done on a donation basis – at the end of the tour you tip what you think the tour was worth.


Ding Dong! Mission Accomplished

Tonight – well, last night, I accomplished my Raison d’être for this London vacation.

I saw Book of Mormon.

Yeah, sure, I saw it last year.

Yeah, sure, last year I woke up to the lyrics running through my head for two months.

Yeah, sure, I’m a bit crazy.

But it was worth it – […]

From Aluminum Tube to London Tube in 30 Minutes.

Along my walk.

I’m in London for a short holiday – and my first day was most excellent.

Given Heathrow norms (an airport I try to avoid), I fully expected to spend an hour, if not two, clearing immigration. Instead, I went from the aluminum tube to the London Tube in about 30 minutes […]

Sunday in Berlin

Fresh snow!

Despite the unpleasant weather, this has been a very nice weekend. Saturday I spent much of the day sleeping and reading — a great way to recover from an unusually intense workout Friday evening. There was a little bit of shopping thrown in there as well. Today I started with […]

Echoes across space and time – Wyoming from Germany: My Wyoming Monologue

Below is my piece for the Wyoming Monologues, a performance put on at the University of Wyoming last night, March 8, 2013, following a performance of the Vagina Monologues. I owe a debt of gratitude to Ian, Stephan, Jay, Alexander, and Bonnie for their helpful comments during the writing process. Further, it would […]

Ask Adam: Awesome Answers Assured.

Today was an odd day.

This past fall I bought myself a Jack Wolfskin jacket, thus completing a critical step in the process of becoming fully assimilated into Things German®. When I wear it, I become virtually indistinguishable from the thousands of Germans who wear their jackets every single day.

It’s a nice jacket, perfect […]

Visiting Gleis 17 / Platform 17 / at Bahnhof Berlin-Grunewald

Yesterday I engaged in a bit of random Berlin exploration – it started innocently enough with coffee from *$ — after my coffee, I popped outside and got on the first bus I saw, Bus 186. I recognized the last stop listed (S-Grunewald), but I had no idea how I would get […]

My thoughts on the East Side Gallery

I realize, as I write this, that I am not about to post something that many of my Berlin friends will like, but I feel like saying it anyway.

But first — the East Side Gallery, a 1.3 kilometer long piece of the Berlin wall, is going to have a 22 meter piece taken out […]