March 2013


Alternative London – Exploring Brick Lane

Saturday, before Book of Mormon, I headed over toward Brick Lane for the Alternative London tour – which is, basically, a tour of Brick Lane focusing on street art and graffiti. The tour is done on a donation basis – at the end of the tour you tip what you think the tour was worth.

My tour guide, Josh, was pretty good. The tour wanders through a lot of history and past a lot of great street art. He was careful to define the difference between Street Art and Graffiti – a nuance that is lost on a lot of people.

I didn’t bring my good camera with me for the tour because it was cold and rainy – so Sunday morning, I went back – just in time for a number of street markets in the area. I ended up spending an awful lot of dosh on presents – mostly presents for the kids of friends (some born, some not yet born). For myself I bought an old coffee bag, which will be hung in my kitchen, and a penis pillow—because who wouldn’t?

Below are some of my favorites from the street. More can be found in my Flickr London 2013 set.

Auto Attacked

Rainy Street Art


Text me...

Please use toilets provided


Stencil Art

3 comments to Alternative London – Exploring Brick Lane

  • Penis pillow. Yeah, who really wouldn’t?

  • koko

    I hope the child you bought the penis pillow for was me 🙂 I will act surprised.

  • Cathy – I was surprised that everybody wasn’t buying a penis pillow. I bought a pretty conservative one — hard to explain, but the backside is conservative, not flashy. You’ll see it one day.

    koko – the penis pillow, aka “Cuddly Cock” — it never gets hard — is for me. It’s on my couch.